2006 Canadian District Conventions

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  • enderby

    Do any Canadians have the issue of the Watchtower or Awake which lists the dates and locations for this year's series of dictrict conventions? I'm particularly interested in any listing for Hamilton, Ontario @ Copps.

    Second question: Has anybody on this forum ever picketed a convention? What did you do? Hold picket signs? Try to hand out pamphlets?
    I'd like to get a group together to picket the big assemblies that usually come through town, but am uncertain about what to do. I can't really see a dub even talking to a picketer in front of other dubs. Are there any threads about this sort of thing already? Any input would be appreciated.
    (My brother suggested diguising some subversive apostate material as "$1 off from Harvey's" coupons. hehe. dubs love cheap food.)

  • Scully
    (My brother suggested diguising some subversive apostate material as "$1 off from Harvey's" coupons. hehe. dubs love cheap food.)

    I wouldn't do that - circulating counterfeit coupons could get you in some trouble with Harvey's or even the police.

    Richie Rich had a great "cheque" flyer idea for last year's assemblies - I hope it gets done again this year.

    ATTENTION District Convention Attendees!

  • DannyHaszard

    "Checks" for Watchtower Assemblies for this year's conventions alt ----- All it takes for evil to triumph is for good men/women to do nothing-Danny Haszard Bangor Maine

  • SickofLies

    Protests would do no good, other than making yourself feel better, the rank and file followers have been taught to ignore anything 'apostates' would say or give them. Not that I don't want these lies brought out as much as everyone else though, but I don't think that would make any impact at all. I think the best strategy would be to inform the general public about the hypocrisies, corruption, and lies that exist in the organization. If the general public were aware about the damage the Watchtower has caused families and individuals people would be so quick to listen to them when they come to their doors.

  • enderby

    Yeah . . . I see your point of view and agree. I don't really think anything very productive can be done by picketing in front of the convention....it just seems like an oppertunity to somehow make them think.

  • Mary

    Ya, I've got it: the ASSembly at Copps Coliseum in Hamilton is from July 7-9 this year.

    Ah sheeeeeeet.........that means I gotta go and take more notes like I did last year so I can post em here!!

  • enderby

    Thanks for the dates, Mary.

  • Trojan
    that means I gotta go and take more notes like I did last year so I can post em here

    Mary: THAT is the real work that has to be done! I have respect for Danny (man, you have balls of steel, to show up like that at a Convention), but I agree with sickoflies: NO JW will be impressed by stuff like that. Believe me. If it makes you feel good: go for it. But if you think it will make a difference, no, its a waste of time.

    This works better and is the sweeter deal for you:

    1. They will no doubt get beating up again at those conventions (more service, more meetings, more, more, more....less entertainment, less education, less sex, less of everything you ever dreamed about,....) The WTBT$ will do their best to bring fresh, new lurkers on to the Internet (by the way, even by mentioning the Internet they draw MORE attention to it, not less....human minds are curious! )

    2. The ones that are 'ready' in their minds will be drawn to places like this!

    3. Keep posting. Keep commenting on this board. THIS IS HOW YOU can contribute to the cause. People like me and others that are lurking around will read, think, read, think...the process is set in motion.

    It is very easy: sit back at your cozy place, take a cup of tea/coffee and participate with thoughtfull, logical, sensefull comments at this site. Don't fill the threads with junk, trashy comments as that confirms what many dubs think: apostates don't know a darn thing and are bitter, etc.etc.


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