Follow up to Billboard Idea--this time using e-mail-----your ideas please!

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  • whyizit

    Back on page 3266, I asked for ideas about signs and billboards. You gave some GREAT ideas and suggestions. I plan to use them very soon.

    Now, here is my next thought. Lots of us get all kinds of forwarded e-mails that pertain to prayers, jokes, etc... What if WE could compile a collection of e-mails, designed to make the JW THINK! In a non-offensive, unsuspecting way. Bring up Scriptures that they rarely see. Historic facts, that would put up a red flag in their mind, yet they would not be able to accuse the sender of being an "apostate", because it would say absolutely NOTHING about or against the WTS. If they were to take offense, the sender could say, "Wow...what offends you? I don't get it? I just thought it was an interesting e-mail, blah blah blah..." Can you see where I am going with this?

    A while back, I sent my JW friend an e-mail that had a comparison chart of what God was called and Jesus being called by the same names. She sent me a sternly-polite message about how the trinity is against her beliefs, don't send that stuff, yadda-yadda.... Of course, the trinity was NEVER mentioned, so I merely asked, "Where did you get the idea about trinity from THAT? It was Bible quotes only! No personal opinions. I don't get what you mean? I know you don't believe in the trinity. I wouldn't send you trinity stuff! You are agaist Bible quotes?! HUH?!"

    Then she sent me back some kind of reply about those only being titles. I know it really got to her. She arrived at the trinity idea all on her own from Bible quotes only. That was very interesting.

    What if we could come up with stuff like that to send to our JW friends? Things they really cannot take offense to. And if they do, we can ask, "WHY?"

    Do you have any ideas?

  • insearchoftruth

    Like the idea, just not a good writer here.


  • whyizit

    I searched through my files and here is the chart I sent to my friend. You will notice that there is NOTHING that refers to "trinity". It is only Scriptures. She sent me 3 e-mails that were really up in the air about this. Here it is:

    Scripture Context Applied to Jehovah Applied to Jesus

    "Mighty God" Jer.32:18 Isa.9:6

    "Lord of Lords" Deut.10:17 Rev.17:14

    "Creator" Isa.44:24 Col.1:16

    "Savior" Isa.43:11 Luke2:11

    "King" Psalm 29:10 Rev.17:14

    "Redeemed people" 2Sam.7:23-24 Titus2:14

    "Father" Matt.6:9 Isa.9:6

    "Rock" Deut.32:4 1Cor.10:4

    "Sheperd" Psalms23:1 John10:11

    "Same" Psalms102:27 Heb.1:12, 13:8

    "First & Last" Isa.44:6 Rev.1:17

    Control elements Psalms107:29 Matt.8:27

    Everlasting throne Psalms93:2 Heb.1:8

    Endless kingdom Psalms146:10 2Peter1:11

    "Exalted" Psalma108:5 Phil.2:9

    Only master Jeremiah3:14 Jude4

    Every knee will bow- Isa.45:23 Phil.2:10

    and confess Him Rom.14:11

    Whoever calls on Him will be saved Joel 2:32 Rom.10:9-13

    Both valued and sold for 30 pieces of silver Zech.11:12-13 Matt.26:14-16

  • insearchoftruth

    Some of the slam dunks for me are their belief in 607 BCE, or even worse the original basis for the dates being measurements of the Giza pyramid.

  • hallelujah

    Hi Whyizit

    I think those deceived by Russell and Rutherford into thinking they are now anointed (or at least making a show of believing they are anointed) are in the most danger of all. I've seen the effects on the wife of one claimant and she seemed to live a shattered life -


  • inbyathread

    While e-mail is a relatively cost free method of sending information there are to many email programs designed to kick spamtype emails out of the system. Even if you succeed in getting one message sent, if the person is a good witness he will delete your message almost immediately and then report you to the elders if your email address includes your name or personal info.

    I use a somewhat inexpensive method of sending messages. It's a post card. Only costs 24 cents to mail in the U.S. and even the postman gets to read what juicy info I want to convey to the householder. No return address needed and my message is on the address side of the card. The message is burned into their eyes before they get a chance to throw it away.

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