The Anti-Quote!

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  • daystar

    Occasionally, someone here will begin a thread of quotes that make us all nod and smile and feel all fuzzy-wuzzy inside.

    This is not that thread. Observe:

    (Bold for legibility only)

    "All belief makes us insolent; newly acquired, it inspires the worst
    instincts; people who do not share it appear either impotent or
    vanquished, deserving only pity and scorn. Consider the neophytes in
    politics and especially in religion, all those who have managed to
    interest God in their arrangements, the converts, the nouveaux
    riches of the Absolute. Compare their impertinence with the modesty
    and good manners of those who are in the process of losing their
    faith and their convictions..." -- E. M. Cioran

    "You side with life only when you utter--with all your heart--a
    banality." -- E. M. Cioran

    "To have devoted to the idea of death all the hours which any
    vocation demands...Metaphysical outbursts are the attribute of
    monks, debauchees, and bums. A job would have turned Buddha into a
    mere malcontent." -- E. M. Cioran

    "What gives me the illusion of never having been duped is that I have
    never loved anything without having thereby hated it." -- E. M. Cioran

    "If there is anyone who owes everything to Bach, it is certainly God." -- E. M. Cioran

    "Who, in pitch-darkness, looking into a mirror, has not seen
    projected there the crimes which await him?" -- E. M. Cioran

    "When I shave," this half-mad man once told me, "who if not God
    keeps me from cutting my own throat?"--Faith, in other words, would
    be no more than an artifice of the instinct of self-preservation.
    Biology everywhere. -- E. M. Cioran

    "Why Being or some other capitalized word? God sounded better. We
    ought to have kept that one. After all, shouldn't reasons of euphony
    regulate truth-functions?" -- E. M. Cioran

  • Narkissos

    LOL. I'm much into Cioran lately...

  • stillajwexelder

    is this the anti-type?

  • Brigid

    Wow, this guy could've been a motivational speaker-----for suicidal chronic depressives!

    Feeling cynical, much?


  • Narkissos

    Actually he demonstrated that one can live very long with the thought of suicide.

    One of the best descriptions I've read about him is: a Pascal realising he has lost his wager.

    One of his aphorisms which struck me recently (sorry I can't find a decent English translation) was something like:

    Illness is the lyrical state of matter.

  • Narkissos
  • daystar


    Wow, this guy could've been a motivational speaker-----for suicidal chronic depressives!

    Feeling cynical, much?

    Not particularly. But I can really respect someone who is not afraid to face the darkness of their own souls and bring it out into the light of day. I think we live half a life, and that half more illusion than necessary, when we pretend that the boogeymen do not exist.

  • daystar

    Also, and thanks Narkissos for the link, I like this one:

    "Suffering makes you live time in detail, moment after moment. Which is to say that it exists for you: over the others, the ones who don't suffer, time flows, so that they don't live in time, in fact they never have."

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