Why Governing Body Greediness Causes Persecution

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  • metatron

    There are different kinds of greediness that people manifest - some are greedy for money, some greedy for sex.

    In the case of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses, their intense greediness involves greed for power and domination

    over others. How is this true? Please consider:

    It should be obvious that the organization often suffers from opposition or persecution that it itself causes or triggers.

    In many countries of the world, Jehovah's Witnesses are correctly identified as family- wreckers because of their extreme

    and unscriptural practices of shunning family members who are disfellowshipped.

    These tragedies of family breakdown might not occur if the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses would simply allow

    people to leave discreetly without attempts to hold some sort of punishment over their heads. The Watchtower's

    official rulebook for Elders does not specify any time limit for trying to disfellowship someone. As a former elder myself,

    I was appalled by fanatics within the organization who were always eager to 'hunt down' Witnesses who had been inactive

    for more than a decade, in some sort of 'Les Miserables' sort of pursuit of "justice".

    How much hate and efforts to inflict damage are directed at the Watchtower Society because they SIMPLY WON'T

    LET GO OF PEOPLE? What would be wrong with plainly stating that a person who doesn't 'turn in field service time' for six months

    simply isn't a Witness and is not to be subject to to any judicial action by the congregation? How can the Watchtower

    justify its view that long inactive "Witnesses" ( who don't witness!) are still subject to its petty tyranny? Why not let

    them go - with no announcements or attempts to punish them? Quiet, discreet, with no pronouncements?

    This wrongful obsession with trying to punish extends to elders, who are not permitted to resign without Watchtower

    approval! The Watchtower's official rule ( which I encountered personally) is that permission to resign must be obtained

    from the body of elders! How can they be so arrogant?

    What is the point of trying to hold on to people who don't want to be Witnesses - but wish to avoid the cultish shunning of

    Witness relatives, should they be hunted down by fanatical elders? Exactly how does compelling people this way "keep the

    congregation clean"? Clean of what?

    Here's another Witness tragedy: Suppose a young Witness leaves home and takes up a life of fornication and pot use,

    then changes his mind and returns to his parents Kingdom Hall ....... and is greeted by the elders there who quickly establish

    his 'guilt' and disfellowship him? Does that sound like a different ending to the 'Prodigal Son'?

    How about a young Witness girl who is sexually molested by a member of the congregation ( covered up by lying elders),

    and is then disfellowshipped after leaving the congregation for some years ( by the elders who then admit to lying, by the way).

    Exactly, how is a person supposed to "repent" in relation to an organization that is so clearly corrupt and heartless?

    How is this supposed to convince any erring person that a "faithful and discreet slave" exists?

    The answer to these questions is simple: The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses are intensely greedy to dominate

    other people's lives and so reap the justified opposition of so-called 'apostates' and others. They could easily

    stop much of the damage they suffer from opposition by discreetly allowing people TO DRIFT AWAY WITHOUT

    ANY ANNOUNCEMENT and by setting a firm limit on trying to "punish" them.

    It is the sheer evil of these men that moves them to 'heap up burdens' on people's backs that they will not budge with even a little finger,

    no different from the men who killed Jesus.


  • Honesty

    That's the way cults operate. Always have, always will.

    The cult of Jehovah's Witnesses is particularly dangerous, especially to innocent minor children because of its policy of offering its victims to the altar of the god of the Watchtower through its unscriptural no-blood doctrine which, by the way has changed so many times over the past 40+ years that it makes the evil Governing Body not only spiritual drunkards but murderers in the most heinous sense.

    Bob Evans

    Walland, TN.

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