DISFELLOWSHIPPED! Can you appeal an appeal?

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  • Diogenes

    If you've been disfellowshipped and had an appeal turned down can you appeal directly to the Branch Office?

    Does anybody know the procedure on this?

    Would you inform the original committee that disfellowshipped you that you were appealing direct to the branch?



  • candidlynuts

    i seriously doubt it..but maybe someone else will have some procedural experience and advise you further.

  • inbyathread

    When the disfellowshipping is upheld by the appeal committee, there is no further right to appeal . However, if an individual persists in believing a serious error in judgment has occurred, the appeal committee should inform him that he may submit his allegations in writing to the appeal committee within seven days for transmittal to the branch office .

    The appeal committee will include this statement along with the information being sent to the branch office. No announcement of disfellowshipping should be made until observations are received from the branch office.

    If no written claim of a serious error in judgment has been provided to the appeal committee within seven days (as outlined above ), the appeal committee should send in the S-77 and S-79 forms and tell the original committee to announce the disfellowshipping.


    This is taken from the elders own handbook. Most elders don't even realize that there is a provision to appeal the appeal. This has recently happened locally and the branch overturned the decision to D/F.

    This made the local BOE quite upset and they then set out to find 'another sin' that they could D/F the individual with. They succeeded the second time.

  • Nina

    You can appeal and appeal as noted above. Be aware that the error must be one of procedure in order for the second appeal to succeed.


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