JWs and Mormons in Dead Like Me

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  • misspeaches

    For those not familiar with the show Dead Like Me I will give you a brief explanation.

    The show is about grim reapers who have to take the souls from people before they die in accidents thus enabling them to move on. The grim reapers walk talk act and look like ordinary people. They hold down regular jobs and need places to live, food to eat just like anyone else. If someone dies they might end up taking over their dwelling or money perhaps. Its a really interesting series and funny.

    I watched it last night and one of the grim reapers lost her temper with a living person and pulled his soul out of his body and scared the bejesus out of him. Next you see he has invented words and a language to describe his experience. The head grim reaper tells her off and then makes some remark about how grim reapers have done this in the past and that's how Joseph Smith founded the mormons! I thought that was so funny.

    Then another male grim reaper was trying to impress this girl and turns up in a suit. One of the other grim reapers goes 'nice suit? Is there a naked Jehovah's Witness lying near a dumpster somewhere?' (insinutating that he had been assigned a JW to take the soul of before dying and salvaged his suit afterwards.)

    I just found both references in the same episode to be really funny!

  • Super_Becka

    Hehehe, sounds like a good episode!! And knowing what I do now, I'd definitely get the references and find them incredibly funny.

    -Becka :) (of the "Me, laugh at a JW joke?? Never..." class)

  • Odrade

    LOL! Yeah I loved that show. I was really mad when they cancelled it. It was smart and funny and interesting.

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