comic getting " crucified" for his jehovahs witness joke

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  • candidlynuts

    duno if this has been posted. i looked around and didnt see it anywhere..

    i'm bored..googling jw news and such lol

    anyway.. link,1299,DRMN_957_4514147,00.html

    Student 'starting to get crucified,' his dad says

    Sean Allen says he may transfer to another school.STORY TOOLS
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    Sean Allen's dad says he isn't handling this week's media attention and threats as well as his son.
    "Sean has handled this way better than his father," Jeff Allen, Sean's dad, said in an interview with Sean Hannity, syndicated talk show host with Fox News Channel's Hannity & Colmes.

    "To read some of these e-mails that are attacking Sean is just devastating," he said. "It looks like the tactic is to turn it around, to make it about Sean and not about the comments (Jay) Bennish made.

    "Sean is already starting to get crucified."

    Sean Allen, who also was on the show Friday, said he has received anonymous e-mails "cursing" him. Even Overland High School students he considered friends are calling him spineless and gutless, he said.

    But Jeff Allen, 50, who works for Buena Vista Games, the video game arm of the Walt Disney Co., said the family is strongly behind Sean, a budding stand-up comic who lives in a typical, covenant-controlled neighborhood in Aurora. He said that even Sean's mother, Patti Allen, 52, a registered Democrat, is supporting her son "100 percent."

    "She's a Democrat; she's not a lib," Allen said, responding to Hannity's comment that his wife was a "lib."

    "Regardless of party affiliation, there are certain things that don't belong in the classroom," Scott Thornton, Sean's 24-year- old half-brother, said about his mother's position. "Mr. Bennish's comments were inappropriate and radical. She feels ultimately that Sean made the right decision."

    Neither Sean, a 16-year-old sophomore at Overland High, nor his parents returned repeated phone calls for comment Friday.

    On, Sean Allen makes numerous references to his comedy acts and notes that he performed at the Redfish New Orleans Brewhouse in Boulder.

    "Seano" or "The Sean" writes that he is influenced by comedians Andrew Dice Clay and "the one and only" Richard Pryor.

    He describes his favorite movies as Blade Runner, the Alien series and The Thing. He lists his heroes as God, Jesus, Moses, Thor and Dane Cook.

    He describes his major as football.

    Sean Allen posted some of his comic routines on but they were removed by Friday afternoon. However, KHOW-AM (630) posted some of the material on its Web site.

    The following is from Allen's sketch lampooning Jehovah's Witnesses. In the bit, he describes a fictional Jehovah's Witness coming to his home with magnets of Jesus "at a disco club" and "at the driving range."

    Here's the punch line: " . . . but this guy came to my house and i just - lost it on him. i took him into my house and beat him to death with his own bible . . . so now, im in the johovas witness protection program."

    Thornton said he was proud of his younger brother.

    "Teachers are bestowed the honor of educating our youth. If they take advantage of that by going on these types of tirades, I think they should be held accountable."

    In the Hannity interview, Sean said he had received numerous supportive e-mail messages from parents across the country.

    "It really makes me feel really, really good this has done something and changed things so teachers who are like this start to think twice," Sean Allen said.

    But neither Sean Allen nor his father, who initially distributed the recording to the media, want Bennish fired. They just want him to stick to the curriculum and stop with the political commentary. Jeff Allen said firing Bennish would send a negative message to good teachers, who would be afraid to say the wrong thing.

    "We want them to give their opinion," Jeff Allen said. "We want the other side as well."

    Because of the heated debate the Bennish affair has caused, Sean Allen said he may transfer to another school. "I'm working on putting my safety and my family's safety first," he told Hannity.

  • blondie
    The following is from Allen's sketch lampooning Jehovah's Witnesses. In the bit, he describes a fictional Jehovah's Witness coming to his home with magnets of Jesus "at a disco club" and "at the driving range."

    Not too funny or accurate; maybe you had to be there. I have heard funnier ones. I remember the shark at the door pretending to be a JW.


  • candidlynuts

    LOL i remember that blondie..i was a kid back then and it cracked me up.. for weeks after when we were out in service we'd all whisper to the person with us when we knocked " candygram"

    i went back and read the related stories and this has something to do with his teachers controversial comments about the government and i guess this kid spoke out in his teachers defense

  • silentWatcher

    you know, even just READING the old SNL transcipt cracked me up. thanks blondie. you rock.

    btw -what is the url to the re-examiner site? Thanks.


  • blondie

    Here it is; be sure to bookmakr and rename it something you can find. I put it in my Links folder.

    The other one I liked is the home but hiding route...some young black comic did that one.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    god, when will the day come when people will just be able to write the creative shit they want to without getting crucified for it? i mean, how do you think the bible came about? that must have been a glorious time.


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