Boy, 14, charged with Joe murder /Manchester UK

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  • Latte

    This poor little boy was murdered this week. My son’s school is situated opposite St,Gabriels where this young boy attended, so the shock and horror of what happened here has affected the pupils of both schools.

    As a mum of a boy of ten years old…I really feel for the parents of this little boy………

    What a waste!

    A boy aged 14 has been charged with murdering 11-year-old Joe Geeling, whose body was discovered in a park.

    Joe's body was found in Whitehead Park, Bury, Greater Manchester, on Thursday. A post-mortem examination has revealed he died of multiple stab wounds.

    Joe, who had cystic fibrosis, was last seen on Wednesday on his way home from Bury's St Gabriel's RC High School.

    The suspect will appear at the town's magistrates' court on Monday, a police spokeswoman said.

    Family statement

    The teenager was charged late on Saturday having been questioned since his arrest two days earlier.

    Joe's body was removed from the park on Friday evening and taken to a mortuary. It was formally identified on Saturday.

    A statement from his parents Tom and Gwen, his sisters Kelly and Danielle, and brothers James and Sean, was issued after the identification.

    They paid tribute to their "little angel" and described how he did not let the fact he had cystic fibrosis - a condition affecting the lungs - hold him back.

    The statement, read by Mr Geeling, said: "None of you have enough time to hear how much he meant to us. How do you condense 11 years of fun and love and heartache, worries and accomplishments etc... into a few words?

    "Without exaggeration I can say that Joe was one of those special people that if you ever met him and spent even five minutes talking to him, he would leave an impression on you that you would remember and usually with fondness."

    Later, Mr Geeling told reporters: "He was my best mate, he loved his mum to death and you could not wish for a better son.

    "I will never forget him."

    Church services

    St Gabriel's RC High School was a 15-minute walk from Joe's home in Devon Street.

    Head teacher Eddie Robinson said on Saturday the death of the year seven pupil had "shocked and shaken" the whole school.

    "Our thoughts and prayers are very much with his family at this difficult time," he said.

    "Joe was a lovely, well-mannered boy who is going to be greatly missed by all of his teachers, friends and fellow pupils here at St Gabriel's."

    Prayers will be said for Joe during a series of special services in churches in Bury on Sunday evening.

    The churches involved will include St Marie's, in Bury town centre, where Joe's family worship.

    A spokesman for the Catholic community in Bury said news of his death had shocked everyone.

    "Since news of his disappearance was announced on Wednesday, our school and parish communities have been comforted greatly by the prayers and support of everybody in the borough," he said.

    "Prayers will be offered during all Masses throughout the town this weekend for Joe and his family and for all those affected by his death."

  • diamondblue1974

    I was sickened by this also; it seems the murderers (if indeed he did do it) are getting younger and younger...


  • DelTheFunkyHomosapien

    what a tragedy. I cannot begin to fathom how a child could stab another multiple times or any amount of times. What is wrong with these kids??

  • greendawn

    It is sad that children at a relatively innocent age would commit such barbaric acts that cause so much pain to ppl. Of course the perpetrator may well be punished with a lifetime of remorse.

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