Interesting religious concept (Churchanity)

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    This may have all ready been posted on this forum, but just in case it hasn't, I'm posting it here. I found the concept really interesting. It's a lot to read so I'm just going to put an excerpt of the documentation here, and put the link so those that are interested can go to the site to read more. From the name of the link, it appears that the site could be sponsored by an ex-witness?

    Churchianity Today by Chip Brogden Email this page | Printer-friendly version

    We must always be sure to distinguish between the Lord's invisible, universal, spiritual Church (the Ecclesia) and the non-profit religious organization that meets in a building with a steeple on top. The difference is incalculable, and we dare not make the mistake of confusing the two. Please understand that we do not question the right of any religious group to peaceably assemble together, elect their leaders, receive monies, have membership requirements, and govern themselves in the manner they see fit - as long as we realize that such a right is a civil right and is neither inalienable, Scriptural, or mandated by God Himself. That doesn't make it wrong, but neither does it make it spiritual. The Ecclesia is not an organization or invention of man, but an organism filled with the Life, and whether we worship "in Jerusalem or in this mountain" is not as important to God as whether or not we worship Him "in Spirit and in Truth."

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    That's our brother Watchman!


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