YOUNG PEOPLE ASK! articles you won't see

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  • aniron

    Came across these on another forum.

    Top 10 articles you WON'T see in the Awake
    10. Young people ask: Which college should I go to?
    9. Young people ask: How do I give better oral sex?
    8. Young people ask: Does ribbed really increase her pleasure?
    7. Young people ask: How best to recognize propaganda?
    6. Young people ask: Anal sex, just for gays?
    5. Young people ask: How do I find a good chat and discussion site?
    4. Young people ask: Girls wonder, how can I think on my own, be strong, and independent?
    3. Young people ask: How should I create an investment portfolio?
    2. Young people ask: How do I masturbate in public without getting caught?
    and the #1 YPA ask article you'll never see?
    1. Young people ask: Am I in a cult?

    Top 10 articles the Awake NEEDS to have:

    10. Young people ask: How do I marry a frigid bitch so I can look spiritual?
    9. Young people ask: Service cars, should I get a super SUV, or a van?
    8. Young people ask: Is 30 too young to move out?
    7. Young people ask: Is the Walmart worker's benefits package the best choice, or should I go for Costco?
    6. Young people ask: Is Tequila the best for cheap alcohol?
    5. Young people ask: How do I remove that smell from thrift store clothes?
    4. Young people ask: Black nail polish, really satanic?
    3. Young people ask: Garage sales, how do I recognize the dangers?
    2. Young people ask: Watchtower studies, more boring than paint drying?
    And the #1 article the Awake needs:
    1. Young people ask: How do I choose the right Motel 6 for my honeymoon?

  • mkr32208

    You ain't right...

    #2 should have been "in service" instead of "in public" other than that a very very sick and disturbing list!

  • Es

    heheheh ROFLMAO


  • kristyann

    LOL This made me laugh so hard! It's funny because you hit the nail right on the head... and so many of these are true for SO MANY people.

    Here's one:

    "Young People Ask: I'm 18 and haven't had a baby yet. What's wrong with me?"

  • Elsewhere

    Young People Ask: What is this painful discharge from my genitals?

    Young People Ask: I'm getting married but I have NO idea how to have sex... what do I do?

    Young People Ask: Should I live at the college dorm or live with my parents while attending college?

    Young People Ask: Interest rates are going up, should I put my retirement investments in stocks, bonds, or mutual funds?

  • LDH

    Young People Ask! Which paper towel really leaves a lint-free shine?

    Young People Ask! Am I vain if I have a bookbag with my initials embossed on it?

    Young People Ask! Will Jehovah strike me down if I report an 'extra hour' on my time?

    Young People Ask! How can I prevent blisters while cruising at the ASSemblies?

    Great topic, made me laugh!

  • candidlynuts

    Young people ask..... " How do I lead a double life and not get caught"

    Young people ask......." How many mcdonalds breaks per day is ok when i aux. pioneer?"

    Young People ask......."Will a spanking at age 17 really make me a better person?"

  • stillAwitness

    5. Young people ask: How do I remove that smell from thrift store clothes?

    4. Young people ask: Black nail polish, really satanic?

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