My story / update 3

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  • InquiryMan

    Last night, I attended my first monthly social evening of members of the support organization I am taking part in. When I mentioned my place of work, I was quite asonished when one of them asked, do you know ...! And indeed I do. It is my favourite female colleague at work, a very nice caring, non-judgmental woman a bit younger than myself. In fact we have lunch together every day (with a group). Four of those I met yesterday (out of 8 attending) happened to know her - the one I am planning to come out to on Monday. She has even attended parties with them... After all, there are 1 million people living in my region, so the odds to meet someone that close is not that big... Sure, a small world... One of the group members even lived just a few kilometres from my place of work... I am amazed.

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