sometimes you wonder about the competency of some judges..

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  • candidlynuts

    ( FYI : non jw related case)

    if you live in the south east.. tn, ga, ky... this man is on the run..he is a confessed child molester , he was awaiting trial on several other counts and a judge lets him out on bond.. well he cuts his electronic monitor bracelet and is now on the loose..

    i have been told by people who know this person that he is a smooth talker and can convince normally sensible people into anything. the mother of one of his victims is horribly upset at the judge that let him out on just house arrest while he awaited trial. i myself wonder at who would give him the bond money!!! i've been told it was not a relative. and it was someone in a state other than the one this man was charged in.

    anyway... as in other cases, this is a fella that seems to be skilled in achieving his goals. so if you live in the southeast usa heres one more sicko to keep your kids away from.

    the below story is from

    [March 3, 2006, 5:32 pm]

    "Search Continues For Alleged Child Molester"

    The hunt is on for a man awaiting trial for molesting a 12-year old boy. Jeremy Duffer, 35, was arrested for child rape in 2004 but did not show up for a court appearance Friday morning.

    Duffer was placed under house arrest when his bond was reduced from $300,000 to $90,000. In January, Duffer posted bond and was put under house arrest, ordered to wear an electronic monitoring device around his ankle.

    No one has seen Duffer since Monday when he left his home for a meeting with his attorneys and the company that monitors the tracking device said they have lost track of him.

    Police are now getting the word out to other police agencies in the area to be on the look out for the man accused of having an illicit affair with a minor. Duffer is accused of having an ongoing sexual relationship with a 12 year old boy whom he meet at a game store in Hermitage that he managed. Duffer is facing seven counts of child rape, four counts of aggravated sexual battery and two counts of sexual exploitation of a minor.

    The District Attorney’s office said when he is arrested he’ll be brought back to Tennessee . Police are now trying to track Duffer down, with no clear lead on where he may have gone.

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    ...and such an attractive fellow...

  • Snoozy

    I can almost top that. There is a man that was posting child porn. on the net right down the street!

    He was arrested a few years ago but somehow got off. He was again arrested for having illegal drugs in his possesion..but somehow got probation.

    He never showed up for his parole dates and they lost track of him. Seems he was living down the street with his elderly parents..(He is in his late 40'S).

    They finally located him and arrested him on child porn charges..they have a lot of evidence this time. Well he is out on bail his parents paid for him.

    Now he is back in the house.They confiscated his computor and all the evidence they need to prosecute him but he is out free!..His parents probably bought him another computor!!!

    The people on the block have been circulating flyers warning all the other neighbors about him. Including his rap sheet!

    They had a block meeting last week and have talked to the parents who think he is totally innocent. He told his parents.."Have you ever heard anyone say I harmed them or their kids?"..his parents said NO!..

    The neighbors are trying to get him out of the neighborhood. It seems they have moved three times in the last few years..I guess they will probably be moving again..he will probably start over somewhere else.

    In a neighborhood where they have no idea what he has done.

    I bet this is a lot more widespread than a lot of people realize..they just slip through the cracks of justice.Going on to do their dirty deeds somewhere else.

    That's probably what will happen with that guy you were talking about.

    Funny thing is when we were going to Florida one year..they had a jailbreak in Georgia and had 3 escaped convicts running loose.

    When we got back I started to notice Georgia was in the paper quite a few times for having jailbreaks.

    Snoozy Q..What ya gonna do......

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    Michael Jackson!

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