Difference in looks?

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  • snarf

    I was going through some photo albums with my family a while back and ran across one with photos of myself when I went to New York to see Bethel. They commented on the fact that I didn't look like myself. I compared those pics with ones prior to the JW and some pics of after the JW and they were right. My face was expressionless with no "spark" in my eyes. I didn't even look like myself. Anyone else notice this comparing their pics of when they were in and when they were out of the truth?

  • Brigid

    Very much so. There are pictures of me at assemblies as a little girl and you can see the fear behind my eyes. Stiffness in my stance. One stands out, I had just received a beating at the motel. I was instructed to straighten myself up for the camera. The beating, I believe had been around crying when my mother tried to brush my hair. When we returned home, she cut off all my hair like a boys, and I had to wear it that way for several years. Yayyy, one more thing for the kids at school to make fun of me for--calling me a boy!

    Now, I insist on wearing my locks long and lush. I picture myself as an old lady with long, flowing grey hair as well.


  • daystar

    Well, there was a difference, but I was actually a pretty happy child, all things considered. I mean, there are reasons why I made choices that caused me to get the boot, just as I became a legal adult.

    The biggest difference I notice is that I was very naive and gullible. Today, I am more the opposite of that. I def. get a sense of that when looking at my photos.

  • xjwms

    My photo's show someone always serving others

    You are right................missing the spark in the eyes...

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