Self confidence and making money.

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  • greendawn

    Why do some people make a lot of money but others do not? According to Carol Tuttle, an alternative psychotherapist, it all boils down to one's sense of self worth and personal confidence.

    So don't let anyone lower your personal confidence including the WTS because it is the basis for building up wealth.

  • diamondblue1974

    As much as I agree that theres a correlation between the two I have to doubt the author somewhat

    A good way to release the self-imposed judgment and forgive yourself is to make your right hand into a fist and rub it in a clockwise direction over your heart while repeating the statement: "I forgive myself for believing I do not have enough confidence, I am doing the best I can." Rubbing your hand on your heart clears away the sadness or frustration you might be feeling.

    I had to laugh, sorry!


  • greendawn

    True BD, that part does sound childish but overall she seems to have quite good credentials. For me it's the connection between the two and how the WTS could damage an ex JW's confidence and future with its propaganda.

  • diamondblue1974
    For me it's the connection between the two and how the WTS could damage an ex JW's confidence and future with its propaganda.

    I agree, I have implied this on another thread too, in that the WTBTS have a vested interest in keeping people down; they would say that they encourage people to be meek and mild but in truth this is not the case at all. Anything that is likely to keep someones attention away from the primary activities of book selling and preaching is not just discouraged but its frowned upon, satanised and devalued.
    Someone who lacks self confidence also is more susceptible to the indoctrination tactics and vulnerable to mind control as they can feel the need to surrender control of their own lives to the organisation. I know my mother did. Yes by allowing the society to control your self esteem you are allowing the society to restrict your potential to earn! DB74

  • Brigid

    It seems as though, to me, the author is encouraging an opening of the heart chakra. This can be very beneficial in opening oneself to love and goodies.


  • joelbear

    self confidence is the key to everything.

    parents should concentrate all their energy in making sure their children are self confident.

    we should spend all available time developing it in ourselves as well.

    learn how to do things you are interested in doing. keep getting better at them. you will have self confidence.

  • greendawn

    Self esteem is the key to being creative and successful in all spheres of life and without it one gets plunged into a bleak world of negativity, becoming pray to fears and anxieties, lacking in self assertion and often getting emotionally stuck and immobilised. The family is the key to developing a healthy self esteem.

    A good site on this (Tools to personal growth):

  • GentlyFeral

    An author I like much better on this subject is Robert Stuberg, author of Creating Your Ultimate Destiny. Much more nuts-n-bolts than this. I've been applying his advice and am beginning to see changes in myself.

    For instance, in a social situation where it's crowded and I don't know anybody, I don't have to feel lonely, shy and neglected. I can remember what it feels like to be well-liked and socially connected, bask in it for a minute, and go out into the crowd and teach myself to network. That's a tip from Side 9 of this series of tapes/cd's...

    Which, btw, are readily and more cheaply available on eBay.

    gently feral

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