They saw a body of water and they were baptized in one day after believing

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  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    The early christians...heard Paul give a speech and hundreds got baptized..or thousands. The early Eleopian eunuch talked to Phillip about the bible in Acts. 8 and then saw a body of water and 'bamb' he was baptized. Jesus walked up to John and John baptized him 'bamb'

    The witnesses having to study for months, years and make sure that you are totally indocrinated is garbage and not scriptural. I know alot of people who went thru the 150 questions and answered them okay but the elders said no. Because in THEIR eyes they weren't ready...How judgemental is that?!!......What gives them the right..? There is no scriptural account of people having to be screened before they got dunked....

  • BlackSwan of Memphis
    BlackSwan of Memphis

    Hi Star

    This was something I noticed right away. There was none of this book studying thing etc etc. It was a matter of accepting the gospel and Christ. Quite a change huh?


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    But seriously, I remember when they came out with the knowledge book they made a big deal how that this would be the only book we need to study with people with, instead of the old rule of 2 books at least. Of course this shined an interesting look on the whole new light theme, namely you still had those die hards who insisted on going over a second book with people. Which was only understandable since one book cuts into your field time quota. Ironically they use the scripture you mentioned, to justify the need to study a whole book with someone before they can get baptized...makes sense?!?

  • just2sheep


    this is only part of it. i did a lot of research on baptism and the biggest problem i had was the policy of having to be an "unbaptized publisher"...there is not one case in the bible of anyone preaching before their baptism. not even jesus. i made a few enemies by declaring loud and long that i didn't find this scriptural and the only reason for this was a loyalty test of your intentions toward the wtbts. i made a few more enemies by refusing to do anything but go on return visits (to observe the process). of course since then i've made many other enemies...but a person is known as much by their enemies as their friends...some people have a problem with my attitude that not all in the congregation are my brothers, and as a matter fact some of them are my enemy.

    i do believe and said so many times, that as an organization they have a right to set any membership rules they care to. but, if it isn't scriptural i have not obligated myself to follow them instead of jehova. the hardliners really hate this attitude. hehehe.

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