how do you do playdates?!

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  • freedomlover
    freedomlover me out here...

    Leaving the org you face making new friends. I am having a little trouble trying to figure out how to make new friends for my kids. We've met some really nice moms and kids at the park, library, etc. So what do I do from there? Do we try to meet at a park or someplace like that at first? I don't really want to have people I don't really know into my house. I'd like to get to know them first.

    I guess the biggest perk for me being a JW was not having to check up on people too much. I could see them 3 times a week and then see who my kids hit it off with. This is a lot of work trying to organize playdates for my kids. I've never been too organized with that kind of stuff. I usually have a bunch of kids running around my house. Not organized and scheduled out. Just kind of come over and have fun.

    So can you offer me any pointers?


  • TheListener

    Do a neutral play area first. Then once you're comfortable do it at someone's house. Usually I invite the other parent in to see how the kids get along at first. I do this so the parent doesn't feel weird if they would like to see the house and how we live. I want them to be comfortable. If I'm dropping my kid off at a new house I ask if I can come in for a minute to make sure they're going to be ok. My kids are fairly young.

    Be honest and tell the other parents you're new at the playdate thing. They're usually pretty understanding.

    Good luck and good for you and your kids.

  • AudeSapere

    Didn't you just move to a new town?

    Maybe have a little 'get to know you' party at a local park. Invite kids from school, etc.

    I would think that something at your home - in the front or back yard would be good. Have ITIS (or other semi-trusted friend hang out inside so those who need to use a restroom are 'monitored'.

    Let me know how it goes. I might then try the same thing myself...!!


  • Ellie

    How old are your children?

    If they are to young to make friends at school, try mother and baby groups, check out your local leisure centre too, they usually have childrens sessions were they put down big mats and the kids can run wild while you chat to other mums.

  • LDH

    I call my husband and tell him to meet me at

    Oh sorry! Wrong kind of play date. Just kidding.

    Birthday parties are great for kids. Hang out at Chucky Cheese (demonised LOL). Contact local museums and find out what kind of classes they have going on for kids over the summer. Call your city's Parks and Recreation department and do the same thing.

    Good luck!

  • freedomlover

    my kids are 5 and 7

    my oldest is being home schooled this year due to the fact that we moved and we are trying to ease her back into school next year while teaching her that it's okay to do holidays now!

    they will both be back in school this coming year. we did just move and I have been making some connections. I guess I'm just worried about hooking up with a mom and kids and they turn out to be totally freaky or clingy. I've had that happen and it's so hard to back away from folks like that.

    good suggestions so far though. I like the idea of having a playdate somewhere outside first but it's winter here so I have to find an inside place.

  • Ellie

    5 and 7, that could be tricky.

    Are there any play houses in your area, you know the places with the soft play areas and ball pits, etc, if you meet someone you think is ok at the park you could suggest going somewhere like that, that way mums can have a chat in the cafe while the kids play.

    Oh, I know the clingy sort you mean only too well, completely off topic here but I'll tell you anyway.

    There was this woman who lived across the street from me, her son was the same age as my daughter and she seemed nice at first, but then she'd turn up at 8am everyday and stay till about 7pm, just long enough to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with us, this went on for 3 months, oh and ofcourse, there was the problem of the nits, yuk!

  • TheListener


    Meet at a community rec center or the public library. Chuck E cheese works too (as mentioned already).

  • LDH

    Hey I didn't realize they were 5 and 7.

    They must be in school. Make it a point to let the teacher know you are no longer JW and do not wish to prevent the kids from attending bday parties. Ask the teacher to find a discreet way to let the parents know. Teachers will do this, as they love not having to deal with the JW hogwash.

  • simplesally

    Even here in California, we have indoor playgrounds available. You could schedule a party at one of them, doesn't have to be a birthday. Or we have ceramic shops where you can have groups of kids come in to paint for an hour or two and they fire the kids work in the kiln for pick up later.

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