Career Witnesses.

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  • Dune

    Eventually i'm going to be fading out of the orgo. But while i was choosing what i was going to do, the thought of becoming a career witness came up.

    I've been working as assistant account servant and the Ministerial servant above me is a career witness.

    I dont know if you've seen them, but there are people in the orgo who really could care less about doctrines and Policies. These are the people who arent overly zealous or can even be said to be complacent.

    These are usually the ones that know that appointment is NOT done by holy spirit but is a cummulation of who you know and whose arse you kiss.

    The MS is by far the sneakiest JW i have ever seen:

    • He often taunts the elders by going completely against their direction during Theocratic school parts.
    • He has been sending updates about the congregation's "Spiritual" state to the Circuit Overseer.
    • Those who are "disciplined" by the elders receive a phone call from him when they get home. In doing this, he receives information about what happened and how the elders treated them. He then helps them write letters to the Circuit Overseer.

    I dont think he believes ANYTHING. but he really has nothing better to do and while he's here, he wants to stirr trouble up for elders.

    Have any of you met people like him?

  • Cellist

    I've met plenty of "Career" witnesses. Very unpleasant people in my opinion.

    The one that comes immediately to mind was an elder. Just before the donation arrangement for literature came in, he gave a part in the SM berating anyone who gave the literature away for free. He was assigned to give the talk announcing that the literature was to be given free and a donation asked for. He gave that talk just as enthusiastically. If the WTS told him that black was white, he would agree.


  • silentWatcher

    while he's here, he wants to stirr trouble up for elders.

    either that, or he's itching to become an elder himself, and thus has an ax to grind. MS to Elder is a big promotion, and the elders exclusively control who gets recommended to the CO for appointment. But, the CO has to okay the recommendation. Sounds like your MS friend is trying to go over the Elder's heads, and get the CO to make a recommendation to the Elders to recommend him.

    ugh. fading is so much better if you can get away with it. I should know :-)


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