Help! Need Judicial Committee Horror Stories

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  • dark hunter
    dark hunter

    Hi everyone, Please help. I'm writing a work of fiction and I need as many Judicial committee experiences I can get, especially anything unjust, outrageous, scandalous and so forth. I never had to sit through one, thank God. Anyway, I'm not trying to dredge up painful memories for anyone but if you can share your JC experience I would really, really appreciate it! I especially want to hear from former elders - did you ever disagree openly with a decision being made? What typical conversation took place before and after a JC among the elders? Did it ever bother you to be a part of a JC? Is there a case you can't forget? - I'd be grateful for any replies!

  • candidlynuts

    welcome DH..

    you might check this thread

    its under the best of series and has links to some JD commitee meetings.. if you have further questions to any of the stories you might send them a private message and ask , if they are still active here.

  • bikerchic

    Welcome to JWD dark hunter!

    I haven't any horror stories for you, maybe a strange one or two which probably don't fit the category you are looking for so I'll leave it up to some more experienced ones to reply.

    I just had to reply because of the google ad this thread brought up, I thought it was really funny:

    Lasik Lawsuits

    Must have something to do with your name and the topic! LMAO!

  • AuldSoul

    I can tell you about a conversation I had trying to get an elder to explain why they couldn't meet at my house as a committee.

    The reason is ACTUALLY because they have no authority over recording devices and are 100% presumed legally on the record if not on Kingdom Hall grounds or in one of their homes. I could have recorded the whole meeting on video if I wanted and they couldn't do a thing about it. Never did meet with them, though.

    However his responses were all over the map and mostly focused on wondering why I objected to the Kingdom Hall. Since there are no observers allowed for the accused, you could really write in whatever you want.


  • dark hunter
    dark hunter

    Thanks for the thread tip and the help so far, I appreciate it.

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