Peter Osgood died today

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  • bigmouth

    Aged 59. Ossie the Wizard was a footballing hero to people of a certain generation all over the world.

    It's hard to imagine childhood heroes becoming old.

  • ferret

    Who is Peter Osgood?

  • bigmouth

    Sorry AudeSapere and ferret, I should elaborate. Osgood was a famous English soccer player from the 1970's. He was loved by the Chelsea fans for his delicate ballwork and goalscoring.

  • BluesBrother

    When I first got interested if football, Chelsea were the team of the day, I saw Peter Osgood a couple of times at Stamford Bridge. (complete with greyhound track around the pitch and The Shed at one end}

    He was a hero. A superb footballer who died at a very young age.... (apologies to Americans to whom this will mean nothing)

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