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  • snarf

    Now that you have left the org., do you celebrate holidays? If you do, does it feel wierd or is it liberating? And also, how do you explain it to your kids? I am having trouble explaining to my daughter why it is o.k. for us to celebrate now when we didn't before.

  • collegegirl21

    I've always celebrated the holidays... just behind my parents back. I love all the fuss and shopping and be around other people. Its always fun to me.

  • Ellie

    I love the holidays now, it certainly doesn't feel wierd, I just go by things I saw other people doing as a little kid.

  • diamondblue1974

    I just love Christmas....and this year my JW mother came to stay with us over the Christmas period; I would like to think that she took a little bit of Christmas back with her....she liked our tree apparently!!!!


  • deeskis

    I love the holidays, although I feel that christmas has a lot of pressure/commercialism in the build up to the "big day"

    My children were born after I left the org, so they have always had these special celebrations. When they became old enough to understand that their grandparents and aunt/cousins, are never around at those times I explained that different churches have different ways of doing things, and those relatives don't celebrate Christmas. They do give them presents at other times of the year though.

    My kids just accepted that as the way it is, without much questioning. It wasn't a big deal for them.

    Best wishes


  • greendawn

    Most ppl that left the dubs enjoy celebrating holidays, it is a libearting experience bacuase it makes you feel part of society rather than a god forsaken hermit, it helps integration which is vital for a normal life. To me Xmas also brings up pleasant childhood memories.

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