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  • enigmatoo

    Did they help with anything anyway in the Sumatra tsunami ? Most of the people are not Jehovahs Witnesses. Did they print anything in the mags about the disaster?

  • whyizit

    A JW couple was having a "study" with us around the time of the Tsunami. I was talking about some of the religious organizations that were going there and helping to rebuild homes, feed people, look for bodies, etc.... And I asked, "What are the Witnesses doing to show those people the love and mercy of Christ?" I got a very vague and pathetic answer. Mrs. JW said, "Oh! Well, we have people there rebuilding the Kingdom Halls and the homes of the brothers, etc...." Then my husband said, "That is nice, but what about the people who are not JWs? What is your religious organization doing for THEM? They are the ones who need to see Jesus in us at this time, aren't they? Isn't it a good time to witness to the broken, by helping them?" No answer! They just kind of looked down at the publications they were holding and tried to change the subject. Then Mrs. JW had a big thought! "Well, when they had that big flood a few years ago in the US, the JWs were handing out bottles of water!" I said, "Oh! That's great! So, they bought and supplied water for people who needed it?" She kind of got red faced. "No, the JWs handed out. Didn't really supply it. It was donated by Miller Brewing Co." We just let it go after that. It was kind of obvious where the WTS priority is.

  • enigmatoo

    Usually they brag a lot about any help they will give. Now, why is so quaet? No food or clothe or tents or literatuere to "comfort" the victims?

    Where is the Watchtower "christian spirit" ?

  • Elsewhere

    I have *never* seen the WTS provide any form of charity that did not directly benefit JWs or the WTS.

    1. I saw them donate a Fire Truck to a city... it was donated to the city of Patterson to "encourage" the city council to allow the WTS to build the Patterson facility
    2. I saw them donate a blood cleaning and recycling device to a hospital... it was intended to be used by JWs so they could avoid blood transfusions.
    3. I saw them collect money donations after Hurricane Katrina and then provide volunteer man-power to rebuild their KHs and JW Homes. After they finished rebuilding they collected the home-owners insurance money for themselves. Basically they accepted donations and then accepted the insurance money. All of the actual aid they provided was in donated man-power, but never any materials or supplies. Hurricane Katrina was a cash cow for the WTS... they made a lot of money from "helping" people.

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