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  • unique1

    OK, so I sent the elders a baptism nullification letter. I had been holding off until I found out they had print outs of my myspace blogs where I dissed my former religion. I sent it certified nearly two weeks ago and no one has bothered to pick it up from the post office even though notice was left. The elders have not accused us of anything, the only reason we found out about the myspace stuff is because they took it to my parents (I am not a minor). The postal service says after 15 days, which will be Wed. they will return the letter to me if it is not claimed. Believing that patience is a virtue, even though I am not good at it, I believe I will just let the letter come back. I would think the elders would have contacted us by now if they planned on taking action against my husband and I. I now have proof I sent the letter and the dates it was sent so if the elders think I did it to get myself out of trouble (if I find myself in trouble with them) I can prove them wrong. So, maybe I can continue to be a fader after all.

  • Balsam


    The fact they have not picked the letter up and they have had muliple notices for the certified letter is on your side. They have not contacted you at all and so far nothing appears to be done. The thing is Brother Day is a class 1 a-hole and even vicious and if he is still on the Judical Committee then there could still be trouble brewing. If some of the other more laid back Elders are on theJC committee it could be dropped simply because there is nothing to really go after and they don't feel like bothering with it.

    I hope you can continue to fade that will be an unexpected bonus.

    Oh just heard from my son his Dad after all these 5 years is going to get online. He swore off off the internet because he blamed the internet for my leaving him. LOL Perhaps his new wife has softened him and made him less terrified of the internet. LOL


  • unique1

    The internet is the Devil!!!

    I hope they have really just stopped caring. I can't believe curiosity didn't get them to at least go pick up the certified letter. You watch, with my luck I will go home tonight and the tracking number will have (Picked up) beside it.

  • leftbelow

    Will it looks like you may have some peace soon I really hope so. just hang in there we are all pulling for you and this may help others I know it helped me.

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