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  • Clam

    My 13 year old daughter has a JW friend in her class at school. The other day her JW friend's parents apparently made an announcement to her and her 10 year old brother that this year they would be celebrating Christmas for the first time.

    There could be a number of reasons behind this of course, including a bit of fabrication due to wishful thinking.

    This leads me to the point of my post. Are there any members here who left when they were children or in their early teens? This may have been due to their parents being DF'd or just choosing to leave, or maybe parents separating.

    If so how did you feel about that? Was it a relief and a huge weight off your little shoulders, or were there mixed feelings due to leaving friends in the Congo?



  • MrBee

    My mother was DF before I was born so I never had this problem. My close cousin's parents though were DF when he was twelve years old. He is younger than me and they attended Christmas dinner at our house for the first time that year. It was a really strange affair, hard to explain really. I remember feeling, strangely enough, very,very guilty and a touch of embarresment. I remember us all trying to make the day an extra special one for him, and it must have felt like a huge anti-climax. Nowadays christmas for him isn't really a big thing as it would be for me. I dont think the idea of christmas being about time with your your family and friends etc has any relivance to him. A true shame, what is the harm in having a once a year celebration of your loved ones because lets face it, who actually celebrates anything religious at christmas?

  • aquagirl

    some members of the belfast maine congregation celebrate"present day",the day after christmas..they claim its for the kids..yeah,right..also the elders turn their heads fron it'saying that it is NOT christmas...hmm..i smell a rat...

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