Oprah For President!!!

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  • prophecor

    Kick Hillary & Condi to da' Curb. We Need Oprah in Office. Now!!!


    You gotta' a better idea?

  • JH

    Whoever would be president of the US, would be told what to say and do.

    I think that the president is only a puppet under someone else's control.

    Something like this

  • AuldSoul

    I think Douglas Adams had the right read on what the Presidency is all about. The chief function of the President is to distract attention and culpability from the real power.

    Presidents can be changed out every four years and are more likely to be kicked than kept. But we have 40-year Senatorial bastards veterans who actually are responsible for every bit of the mess in this country and who do we blame (like gullible idiots)? The President.

    Whose interests are best served by the maintenance of a two-party system written into the various State laws in the form of State Legislation on distribution of Electoral Votes? The people's interests, or the interests of the politicians? Which is the result, the betterment of our nation or the padding of politician pockets?


  • Sentient


    That is correct. Anybody who thinks that anyone who genuinely gives a shit about you would ever be allowed to be elected as president of the U.S. of A. has been blinded by the illusion that they have control of things or that they are in a democracy. If you want to find the puppetmasters, look deeper than the legislature. Use your understanding of organizational control to understand every secretive organization, including nations. The greatest indicators of power today are:

    1. Information Awareness and Control

    2. Money

    3. Might (a VERY long arm)

    Each of these feeds the other, but increasingly the first is by far the most important. No matter how much money or power you've got, if you know virtually nothing about what I do or how I do it and I know everything about you and what you do, and I have a legally protected right plus the ability to do whatever the hell I want and keep my secret activities sealed by court order in the interests of "National Security", guess who owns who? Surprise! It's the people "keeping you safe".

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