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  • ballistic

    The Watchtower used to warn us about watching too much television. How do you feel about it?

    Personally I am glad that in the UK we have the BBC channels without any advertising. I can't seem to watch channels with advertising on for very long - it almost starts to annoy me and I switch it off.

    But is that a good thing? Does having good programming that people are addicted to watching do anything for the productivity of the country? (or for that matter some of the crap people will watch anyway) Or is TV a great passifier that keeps kids off the streets and people busy doing nothing? (When I went on holiday to The Dominican Republic, the tour guide told us the average age there is 16 because everyone is having children - he then added that they don't have TVs over there)

    What about the effect on society? Is everyone being homogenised into the same cultural mold dictated by corporate thinking, and desencitised to violence and disasters which in reality don't occur in everyday life?

  • greendawn

    All moderation is good and so with TV it is very useful for education and entertainment but if it becomes addictive that's a different kettle of fish. As for the propaganda part with satellite TV one can have different viewpoints from different countries.

  • one bad apple
    one bad apple

    I can't stand commercials. It's like being kicked in the face. and most of the programming is garbage too.

    I think all the advertising makes young people think they have to live at a standard that is not affordable. Which leads to debt.

    Jeez are you supposed to buy every new cell phone or mp3 player.

  • blondie

    I tape my shows for 2 reasons:

    1) it leaves me free to do more important things so I watch my shows in the off times

    2) I can zip through the commercials, saving time

    Some day in the US an hour show will consist of 40 minutes of commercials and 20 minutes of show.


  • ballistic

    Good idea Blondie.

    I don't actually watch much TV, but I have a small 7" LCD TV which is at the side of my computer monitor so I can monitor world news and JWD at the same time. It works for me. It's actually linked to my computer via a Hauppauge freeview box, so I can set my computer to record at certain times if I need to.

  • one

    I am just waiting for Bill Gates to take over tv for good.

    VISTA will replace XP, let's wait and see.

    'The world as we know it is coming to an end'. Webcasting, video streaming, video on demand, HDTV.

    BTW, broadcasting (over the air) is a waste of bandwith (RF spectrum) which could be used for something else AND make broadband spectrum available for public access, FREE. Just like roads and highways. They claim WI_MAX will do that, an elaborated version of wi-fi.

    If electricity reachs all homes why can't broadband reach all homes?, in fact it should be free too.

    Sorry for the tangent, just a bad habit.

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