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  • MsMcDucket

    Hey guys! My oldest daughter got the youngest daughter's computer to reboot! It's up and running! She asked me how to get into DOS. I told her that I couldn't get into DOS, but that I could get into BIOS. She then went in there and disabled the auto-reboot and all the drives but one...the cd-rom drive that held the boot disc; and wallah! It worked! You guys tried to tell me what to do, but I just wasn't with it enough to do it. TD, you said, use the F1 key and that worked to get to BIOS. Ballistic said something about disabling stuff, and Slugga said to get into BIOS. And Dave was there for support! You guys just saved me a lot of money! (Well, I can take my time about getting the computer out of lay-away at Walmart.

    LOVE and HUGS to all of YOU!

    BTW, my oldest daughter's name is Ecstasi. She lived up to her name today. I'm in ecstasy!



  • unclebruce

    Come get her guys .. a woman's not in ecstacy for long!


  • slugga

    Glad to be of help MsMcD :) Tell her to be careful poking around in the bios though she could end up changing a setting which would then make the comp inoperable all together. Then you'd have to undo the case and remove a battery There should have been a bios option that said something like "first boot device" and then as options "floppy disk drive, Hard drive, Cd-rom, Sata, usb device" all you had to do was set the first boot device for Cd-rom. She'll have to put the hard drive back in the settings or when you try to fix the computer the computer wont be able to find the hard drive that's damaged. If you need any further help you know where I am :) Ps your Eldest deserves a pat on the back, not many would have the guts to play about in a computer bios

  • ballistic

    no problem!

    Has she solved the root cause though? We were helping you just get the system up so you could find out what was really wrong with it. Or did she re-install Windows?

  • misanthropic

    :: BTW, my oldest daughter's name is Ecstasi.

    Nice Mrs.McD. Why couldn't my mom have given me a cool name like that?

  • MsMcDucket

    Ballistic, she re-installed windows. I still have most of my program discs, so we just reloaded them.

  • ballistic

    OK, maybe a bit heavy handed, but as long as she's happy. Here's a few tips to keep it running ok.

    Update your virus definitions: Viruses spread within hours, so keeping your antivirus software up-to-date is essential.

    Perform a full virus scan: Find anything nasty hiding on your system by regularly scheduling a regular scan.

    Make backups of your critical files, e.g. My Documents, Photos, Emails, Address Books, Downloaded Software.

    Always restart your system after every crash to clear it out.

    Run Windows Update: Get the latest patches from Microsoft to secure your system, by running this from the Start menu.

    Run a spyware-and-adware removal program.

    Spring-clean your programs: If your PC seems sluggish and bloated, remove any unused software you have installed.

    Also, I recommend clearing the Temporary Internet Files, The Recycle Bin and checking available space each week and running Disk Defragmenter about once a year.

  • daystar

    W001! I love it when a plan comes together!

  • TD

    Bravo Melinda!

    A reinstall is not the most "elegant" solution. But hey: It works!


  • unclebruce

    And there are a lot of sites on the net offering free computer help in plain English.

    Sites such as pc911:

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