What's with the 607 thing ?

by A Paduan 3 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    There have been a number of threads regarding the critical importance of the wrong (as usual) date of 607 - being the "reason to leave the borg".

    I don't get that - never mind that their entire doctrine, prophecies, idea of love, predictions and 'truth' is all bogus, or that their estranged reasonings regarding blood and shunnings cause death and social catastrophe, and that simply they lie and are blatantly hypocritical - providing a plethora of reasons to steer well clear.


    " That date is wrong? Well, that's it for me then, I'm out of jws"

    I just don't get it - what were you doing there in the first place ?

  • collegegirl21

    I completely agree with you. But it is the basis for the beginning of the argument that I am going to have with my parents on my way out the door. So that's a start for me.

  • misspeaches

    For me it was because they based so much on the start date of 607. From that date they come up with this complicated prophecy to show Jesus started ruling as king in 1914. And then the last days start. And all sorts of other significant to the JW’s dates.

    So finding out that 607 weren’t that pivotal start made me lose faith in them. I could no longer believe that Jehovah was inspiring them and enlightening them etc. It helped me begin to start questioning everything else.

    Personally I never knew about the UN, childabuse etc… It was all very well covered up.

  • Honesty

    I found out about the 607 Lie within 2 weeks of finding out about the UN and the Bulgarian blood issues. It took two weeks to get the UN thangy all documented and dissected. That's when the puzzle came together.

    Those Liars never were appointed by Jesus for anything in 1918/1919 because 1914 is all BS from the Watchtower.

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