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  • lucifer

    Just a quick question I was thinking about, are jw's allowed to get annulments? if so under what conditions?

  • Calliope

    marriage or baptism?

  • blondie

    *** w77 6/15 pp. 362-363 A College-bred Newshound Finds the Best News ***

    As time went on, my hearing improved slightly, and I was able to conduct many Bible studies. One of the first was with a man whose wife had abandoned him to marry another man. But she did not bother to dissolve the original marriage. Not wanting to expose his wife to a charge of bigamy, and yet now desiring to be in a morally clean position to serve Jehovah, this man gradually persuaded his wife to initiate annulment proceedings.

    This opened the way for the man to be legally, as well as Scripturally, free to marry the woman with whom he had been living. He, his new wife and their three children all dedicated their lives to Jehovah. Eventually two of the children served as special pioneers for a time, and the man became a presiding overseer.

    I think in cases of bigamy...a JW might get an annulment for legal reasons. Otherwise, the WTS views it as another way to divorce.


  • just2sheep

    one of my siblings got an annulment in california after 15 years of marrigage and children...the reason...married at 13-14 years old and a good lawyer. this was before becoming jw and at least 30 years ago.

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