For those of you with kids and/pets....

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  • FreedomFrog

    We have a monitor for our little one and I was awoken pretty early with "music". Ok, this isn't quite unusual because she'll wake up and then put her music thing on that's in her baby bed then go back to sleep. But this time it started singing "rockin to the music...1,2,3...rockin to the music 1---2---3" Ok, that is when it got my attention. You see, that music is one of her toys that sits across her room. I jumped out of bed in panic because she HAD to climb out of bed in order to being playing with it. That was the only explanation. Nope, it was our cat. Some how he slipped in there (which is "forbidden") and was there all night. She was in her bed "dancing" to the new found friends little "party".

    I guess that was the only way he could get my attention...well, it did..rofl

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    I had to see my vet about this one.

    Moggy goes absa-bloody-lutely crackers every time I answer the phone. Initially I thought she was simply trying to get my attention, because I was talking to someone else. But a phone?? What does she know about phones? The vet put me right. First he asked me if I fed her while I was eating. I had to shamelessly admit that I did. She has a little stool near me and I pass along some titbit or other. Anyway, that was the problem.

    Would you believe, she thinks that when I answer the phone, that I am eating something, a sausage perhaps [one of her favourites] and she wants a bit.

    The hussy. And here's me thinking she was jealous


  • lisavegas420

    I have pets and kids....but my kids are grown and my pets are in cages at night.

    but at 4:30am this morning the TV came on.

    This is totally true...I'm still trying to figure out how that happened.



  • delilah

    Where did you purchase your television, Lisa??? JK.... My daughter has a Winnie-the-pooh toy for the baby, and it usually sits in the toy box, away from the baby's reach. She forgot to turn the switch off, and the other night, about 3 am, it suddenly came on, and the toy was singing away. It scared the living b-jesus out of her, as the baby was sound asleep, and we keep our dog in her kennel at night.

  • cruzanheart

    Hey, Delilah, our Pooh doll did the same thing! Very creepy to hear "Ooooo, hunny!" in a dark room for no apparent reason. We all joked that Pooh was "demonized" and removed his battery. That's helped considerably.


  • IMustBreakAway

    My cat seems to love ice cream and rice crackers. But he is a little weird anyway. We took him to the vet to get cut and the vet gave him back saying there, "was no need."

  • delilah

    Nina, my daughter did the same thing, removed the's quite unsettling, to say the least, to wake up to a toy singing, when nobody has touched it....

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