Ezra is back!!!

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    Did you notice that Ezra is back?

    Now the question is Where is PMJ?

  • james_woods

    I had not had the pleasure of meeting Ezra until this evening. I must say, at least Ezra is much more pithy than the HAMAS letter writer.

    After I looked through those last eight posts, and the post history, I have a couple of questions for Ezra:

    1. Does your Kingdom Hall or WTS provide an open forum site where some of us can freely sign on with opposing viewpoints?

    2. Have I ever said anything mean to you? If so, I am sorry. If anyone else has and you can prove it up, I will act pro-bono to take your side in a sort of hypothetical way - even if I do not agree with it at all.

    You remind me of a character in a Sherlock Holmes story - maybe in a day or two I will find my copy so I can quote it here.

    Fascinated to meet you,


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