Terri Lynn Winchell

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  • 3boys

    Wasn't Ricky Ortega A JW? He helped murder Terri LYnn Winchell in 1981.

  • Brigid

    Can you elaborate? I am not familiar with this story.


  • unique1

    If he was homosexual as the article says, he couldn't have been a JW in good congregational standing.


  • 3boys

    Today, Michael Morales was supposed to be executed in California for killing Terri Lynn Winchell in 1981. Ricky Ortega, I believe was a Jehovah's Witness and was secretly having a sexual affair with Terri's boyfriend. He enlisted his cousin Michael, to kill Terri. I was living in Stockton California at the time and remembered how shocked people were to hear about Ricky. I did meet him once, not through church or anything, but found him to be full of himself, so I excused myself from his group and left.

    He could have been a JW in good standing even though he was gay. Hello, most gays at that time were living secret lives for fear of being found out.

  • AudeSapere


    Anyone have any confirmation/additional info on this?


  • startingover
  • startingover

    There is another guy sitting on death row right now that killed someone execution style in 1985. He was only 18 or so and the time. He too had connections with the JW's, his mother was involved, his father was not, and I studied with him when he was a young teen.

    He came over to my house to see me a few months before he did the act. I was concerned about his interest in weapons and the military during that visit. I was subpeoned to testify in his death penalty phase which I did. Kind of a wierd situation, not much a person can say when you know he did it.

    Thinking back now and picturing myself on the stand with my nice little JW outfit stating that I was a JW and had studied the Bible with him, damn that's really embarassing now for an athiest.

  • willyloman

    Interesting to read the Lodi newspaper account (link posted above) and the subsequent emails posted in response. The story mentions the guy's "Jehovah's Witnesss faith" and I see that three dubs chimed in on that, all clueless.

    Danny Hazard was there, too, pointing out the obvious -- that jaydubs are as dysfunctional as everyone else.

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