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    The Watchtower is very well aware that many people who they come in contact and start 'bible studies' with are not aware of their devious recruiting methods and high control tactics until it is too late and the 'study' has become thoroughly indoctrinated into the group.

    If these same unsuspecting 'studies' knew which questions to ask Jehovah's Witnesses during a 'bible study' session most of them would stop the 'study' without ever making a commitment to become baptised into the spirit directed organisation.

    With the proliferation of online sites that expose the Watchtower's doctrines, policies, practices, etc. the Watchtower is facing a major dilemma that may prove to threaten their very existence in developed countries.

    While it is true that many current JW's will reject and deny anything negative that is presented to them about the Watchtower Society the same cannot be said about those who are just beginning to 'study' with them as they may have not yet been deceived into believing the Watchtower is God's duly appointed representative.

    When a person begins studying with the JW's and tells family and friends all the new things they are learning, invariably one or more of those close to them will go online to research the group. More than likely they will research information provided by proponents and critics alike. When they discover the real Watchtower many realise that the only way to help their loved one from becoming a victim of this dangerous cult is to provide them with the right questions to ask the JW's when they come calling with bibles and 'study material' in hand.

    With all the topics on this site and the amount of Watchtower publications available for inspection on other sites such as Freeminds and Reexaminer it is no small wonder that the Watchtower is having a hard time recruiting new members and also in keeping young JW's from escaping their clutches.

    Keep up the good work, guys and girls because every one of you who has the courage to stand up to this destructive cult may start a topic or post a reply to one that will make the difference whether or not some decent human being is devoured by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society.

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