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    If I lived near the oceans or the Poles, I think I'd be moving!!!

    If you haven't seen this documentary, it's well worth your time to watch. Also, you can go here to get other info:


    Global Warning (Four Hour Special)

    When Nature speaks, it’s time to listen. Record hurricanes, rising waters, melting glaciers and migrating species are sending a warning, but is anyone paying attention?

    In Link TV’s Special, Global Warning, we turn over our entire primetime schedule to comedic sketches, shorts, documentaries and special guests focusing on the crisis taking place across our planet. From climate change to the legacy of the Exxon Valdez oil spill, Global Warning helps viewers separate the facts from the fiction in these environmental battles.

    PART 1 (First Two Hours)

    In the first segment, Link TV features Al Gore's Presentation on Global Warming, an eye-opening multi-media presentation about the catastrophic effects fast approaching if we continue emitting greenhouse gases at today’s rate. Using meticulous research, Gore takes us step by step through the latest scientific research and shows us how business decisions are driving bad environmental policy.

    Then, Hollywood stars and environmental activists unite to sound the call about global warming. In a star-studded revue of comic sketches and music, Earth to America is the most entertaining environmental program in history. We present clips featuring Martin Short and Robert Kennedy, Jr.

    Throughout the special, our host, Mark Hertsgaard, Political Correspondent and author of "Earth Odyssey: Around the World In Search of Our Environmental Future," explores environmental solutions with Randy Hayes, Founder of the Rainforest Action Network and Director of Sustainability for the City of Oakland California.

    PART 2 (Second Two Hours)

    What happens when a society puts its economy before all else, allowing businesses to dictate the terms of how we use the planet? In two startling documentaries, The Sierra Club Chronicles: The Day the Water Died and Suzuki Speaks: The Web of Life we examine how our values are impacting the environment.

    Joining the conversation in our studios is Carl Pope, Executive Director of the Sierra Club and Sierra Club Chronicle’s host.


    Global Warming Related Websites:

    The Sierra Club

    Sierra Club TV

    David Suzuki Foundation

    Stop Global Warming

    Randy Hayes - Rainforest Action Network

    Mark Hertsgaard

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    Oh crap! I hope my JW family doesn't see this. Because it can only mean one thing, you know....... yup, you guessed it..........




    The thing about it is that it's not the Armaggedon they are planning on...this may really have an effect on the future of this planet to sustain life! It's not Revelation destruction type brought on by God!


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