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  • Angharad

    Today at my son's nursery school parents were invited to a harvest festival.

    All the children brought in a contribution (tin of soup, fruit,veg), a local minister came in and talked to the kids about how seeds grow into food (but not tins of soup), and how we should be grateful for our food and then they sang a few songs they had learnt, basically they had fun. There was nothing particularly religious about it apart from the minister being there.

    There were children of all different religions there including my son as I could not see the harm in allowing him to stay and join in.

    However there were some other witnesses there to collect their children so they would not be a part of it which is their choice and I respect it but I was given alot of disapproving looks and some people completly ignored me.

    Was it really so wrong to allow my 3 year old (who really has no concept of religion) to join in and have fun and not be made to feel different and left out?

    Also the food which was contributed was later going to be distributed to the elderly and infirm in the community - What is more useful to them, a box of food or a Watchtower.

    Thank you for allowing me that little rant.

  • Seven

    Angharad, There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.-John Holmer Your young son was part of a beautiful lesson in compassion today-putting the words "love thy neighbor" in action. Good for you and Simon to allow him to experience this caring and sharing of himself with others less fortunate in the community. Pay no attention to the drones who chose to hide their light under a bushel.
    Socializing with children from all backgrounds will provide him with an appreciation for our diversity and that we are all part of something much bigger. Seven

  • AhHah

    Just another example of JW separateness from "the world" causing them to invalidate the spirit of Christianity and of love.

    The required separateness is, of course, just another proof that they are indeed a cult, with all of the negative consequences that go with it.

    Christ required his followers to be separate from the world's spirit, not from people, whom he himself sought out to demonstrate the power of love.

    The example you described shows the human inclination to "strain out the gnat and gulp down the camel". By their cultist separation, they deny the obvious spirit of love and charity of the event.

    IMO, your actions were Christian, and the JWs' were not.

  • AhHah

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  • Angharad

    Thanks Seven & AhHah

    Thats what we thought, and we didn't want him to feel separated from the other children.

    I remember when I was at school and there was some sort of concert or christmas party and I was sat in the class room doing extra maths, you get it drummed into you at meetings that it doesn't bother you but it does really - things like that mean alot to a kid.

  • waiting

    Hey Ang,

    Those things always bothered my kids. Made them feel like outsiders, and they felt selfish for not contributing.

    I think, in their own way, jw's tend to grow up being quite selfish with their time and money in helping others in a physical way. Don't get me wrong, many jw's give a lot of their time to their studies - and they really believe they're doing a good work, saving lives going door to door.

    But give $5. to help a stranded person? Some canned goods for a homeless shelter? Very rare in our area. But, Watchtowers are usually present in the shelters, btw.

    Children have to be helped to keep the spirit of being compassionate alive - congratulations on helping.

    Did you wave to the sisters? At least, give them something to talk about.....


  • Tigger

    Hey Angharad !
    I know exactly where your coming from. Not only were we the new family in town (the kind of town where they marry their cousins) when I was a kid, but we were also the "freaky religious family", and to top things off my mother was a teacher at the local school and I happened to be above average in the smarts department. Gee no wonder I had no friends my entire school life. Kids are cruel and not only was I picked on for being new, but there was all the stigma attached to JWs, half of it wrong, like 'you guys dont eat meat and dont believe in Jesus......', and to top it of my mother refused to include any 'worldy things..easter, christmas, etc in her class room teaching and her pupils vented their anger on me.
    I remember as a 9 year old wishing that armegedon would come on a school day so I would have the pleasure of seeing all the kids who picked on me, struck down by lighting bolts or whatever. What warped things were going on in my head even back then.

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