Update....starting over (Anybody in Orange County CA?)

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  • mandivided

    Well I have some good news. After being df'ed last summer (I can still feel the warm summer air making me feel stuffy in my suit as I met with my tribunal, I mean Judicial Committee. The last time I've worn a suit, by the way!) and going through the hardest six months of my life, I'm a week away from starting over.

    I reconnected with my father who I haven't seen in 6 years, and my aunt whom I've never met because of their leaving the organization. Anyway, they both execepted me with true unconditional, familial love. The kind my Mother and 4 sisters now refuse me because of my current "organizational status". They convinced me to move to be with them, so in one more week I'm packing my things and moving from Pennsylvania to Costa Mesa California. I'm excited, nervous and scared....but cant wait.

    So just thought I'd let everyone know....and if theres anyone in Orange County, I'd love to hear from you. I'm starting over brand-new and some people to know would be great.


    P.S. if you missed my first couple posts here they are:



  • Highlander

    I'm in Long Beach area,,, not too far from costa mesa

  • Kristofer

    I'm about 40 miles from Costa MEsa.

  • Bstndance

    Costa Mesa is nice! Congrats! You'll love the weather.

    I'm in Hollywood. My friend's mother is a JW down in the OC, his sister left the borg and is living in Placentia which is in OC Northeast of you.

  • rimbaudbunuel

    I live in Santa Monica / West LA Area. I had a few friends and family from the OC though who were jw's. Peace, Jonathan

  • evita

    Hi mandivided
    Just wanted to wish you the best as you begin this new phase of your life.

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