Are you worshipping a false prophet?

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  • scout575

    At Matthew 24:30 Jesus predicts his second coming, saying that he would appear: "In the clouds of heaven with power and great glory." In verse 34 he goes on to say that: "THIS generation shall not pass, till all these things be fulfilled." Jesus is prophesying that his second coming would occur during the lifetime of his contempories. How ironic that the man who spoke this false prophecy should have later been worshipped by so many people.

  • Forscher

    That verse is one of the reasons that many feel the prophecy had a wider application to a far later date. The fact that a significantly large number of the details were in fact fulfilled is the critical reason higher critics date the Gospels after the fall of Jerusalem rather than before. So many details were spot on, that they cannot be the product of mere guess work. If the higher critics with their naturalistic reasoning are correct, then the whole thing was a fraud, the Gospels were written after the fact. If they are wrong, then the fact that certain features of the prophecy were not fulfilled is an argument, not for Jesus being a false prophet, rather, it is a powerful argument for the prophecy having a wider and later fulfillment as well.
    It all hinges on whether the higher critics, with their reasonings of doubt, are correct or not.

  • gumby

    Jesus also said he'd "come quickly" in Revelation. If I told my wife I'd come quickly and it took me over 2000 years and I still hadn't come......she'd prolly divorce me arse!


  • oldflame
    Jesus also said he'd "come quickly" in Revelation.

    Who is to say how quick quickly is ? Do we know Gods time ? No we don't but if you read you will find that prophecy is being fulfilled today as we speak.

  • JamesThomas

    2000 years? Lets see, that would be one thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine years, three hundred and sixty four days, twenty three hours and fifty seven minutes longer than it takes you to come now....from what I hear.


  • gumby
    Who is to say how quick quickly is

    I'd think Jesus would have said it in a way his diciples understood "quickly" at the time. If his "quickly" and their "quickly" was different it might have been nice for him to have said so instead of making them think he'd be coming sometime in their lifetime.

    BTW.....what the hell you doing up at this hour and not practicin yer gee-tar. I'm outta smoke and got an excuse.


  • Kristofer

    When I read those verses about "coming quickly" i get the sense that he is saying that it will catch us off guard. I just hope it doesn't happen until this season of 24 ends cuz I really got to see it.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    In the clouds of heaven with power and great glory

    and what are you supposing that means ?


    two men stood by them in white robes, and said, "Men of Galilee, why do you stand looking into heaven ? ...

  • scout575

    Forscher: What indications does Jesus give at Matthew 24 to indicate that his prophecy was to have a dual fulfilment? Is it not simply a case of the 'second coming' prediction failing to be fulfilled within the lifetime of Jesus' contempories, and Christians later having to 'spin' away this failed prediction by saying that the 'second coming' aspect of the prophecy was never meant to be fulfilled in the first century but at a much later time period? Jesus ( or the writer who attributes the words of Matthew 24 to Jesus ) would have known all too well that the first readers of Matthew 24 would have understood these words to mean that Jesus would return within the lifetime of his contempories.

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