Jehovah's Witnesses: Harmless or Deadly?

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  • Blueblades

    It is difficult to imagine the frustration of a doctor who wants to help but who is forced to watch a Jehovah's Witness patient bleed to death. A three page article by Dr. Elisabeth Rosenthal in the August 1988 issue of Discover magazine ( pp.28 - 31 ) related her feelings and observations as she watched her JW. patient, a Ms. Peyton, die from loss of blood. The patient welcomed every treatment except the one that would save her.

    Does the death of this woman, like so many others that go unnoticed by the general public and the rank and file fall under "The Tort of Misrepresentation?" I gues we will have to wait and see.

    David A. Reed;s book, "BLOOD ON THE ALTAR" . The story about the ongoing tragedy among Jehovah's Witnesses is a tale that must be told. This book documents the many who have died from loss of blood.

    Bluebladesfor those who have suffered in silence.

  • kristyann

    Blood on the Altar is a really good book. I haven't read that many books on JWs but that is the first one that I read and I really enjoyed it. I really like the way David Reed writes... I really felt like I knew him when I was done with it.

  • katiekitten

    Theres a radio programme on BBC radio about ethical dilemmas. One of them featured all the medical staff involved in the treatment and eventual death of a JW.

    He could have had treatment but it involved some part of blood (not a whole blood transfusion), which he consistently refused. Instead he opted for all the other parts of the treatment except this objectionable bit. The medical staff explained that without all the parts of the treatment it was meaningless, and he would suffer the most awful pain by bleeding from every orifice.

    He was also offered a place in a hospice where he could die in dignity. He demanded the treatment less the objectionable bit,. even though the medical staff said it would be harrowing, painful and ultimately unsuccessful.

    The programme interviewed the nurses assigned to administering the treatment and how they were traumatised by watching him bleed from his eye sockets ears and nose in agony. Until he died.

    How UTTERLY SELFISH AND UNREASONABLE of him to refuse a dignified place in a hospice and instead demand a treatment that deeply traumatised all the medical staff around him, and yet on the programme they were utterly professional about upholding his wishes.

    He clearly GOT OFF on being a Witness Maytyr instead of being a dignified human being.

    This religion is deadly to all who it touches.

  • Balsam

    The Watchtower Leadership play down all the JW's who die due to emergency need for blood. Their DVD on safe blood transfusion alternatives does not cover these emergency situations. JW's continue to die, and the WTBTS does not care that the body count makes them look like idiots. More important to maintain policy then speak the truth about how they have lied to their followers all this time about blood and what the bible says about it.


  • Honesty

    The Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses can't slit the throats of their victims when they offer them up to the Watchtower god because murder is illegal in every country on earth. However, they can offer them up to the Watchtower god in a perfectly legal albeit reprehensible manner with the no blood doctrine.

    Either way, it is still murder.

  • greendawn

    They clearly proved a deadly force for many JWs that were unfortunate enough to need blood in order to survive. They terrorised them with the fear of eternal death if they took any blood. Better die and have a sure resurrection rather than live and be damned. Of course their deaths are pointless based on wildly wrong biblical interpretations.

    Also many committed suicide due to the emotional distress caused by the actions of the WTS and many others find that the WTS has placed a mysterious entangling spell on them that is very hard to shake off.

    Plenty of negative destructive power to go round, but where is its source Russell's enochian magic or Rutherford's angelic contacts? That's what I call Babylon the great sitting firmly on people's shoulders.

  • Low-Key Lysmith
    Low-Key Lysmith

    My sister died from a rare strain of leukemia that basically ate her alive in less than a week. I had to sit there, watch, and bite my tongue as the doctors told my sister and my parents about the benefits of a blood transfusion. Of course, they refused. Due to my df'd status, I had absolutely no voice in the matter and had to watch my sister die screaming while my parents and other relatives went on and on about how she had sealed her position in paradise with her steadfastness. I still clench my fists in rage as I type this.


  • sf

    Deadly. To the Core.


  • Belief

    So can someone tell me the part of the bible that goes against blood transfusion?

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