Why doesn't Primetime or 20/20 do a story on the cult name Jehovahs witness

by DaveNwisconsin 7 Replies latest jw experiences

  • DaveNwisconsin

    I just thought this would be a great idea, get the word out there. What are your thoughts?

  • slugga

    Write to them and suggest it. Point out the human misery those old farts on the GB cause.

  • Kaput

    Dateline did one on the child abuse issue a few years back: http://www.watchtowerinformationservice.org/dateline.htm

  • blondie

    If 20 JWs killed themselves ritually like the Heavensgate group did, it might become newsworthy. And for those of you saying, Heavensgate?, that shows how long news like that registers and remains. The WTS is a small organization and keeps a low profile except for blood transfusions. Remember news organizations, especially today, are set up to make money. If the topic of JWs can pull in viewers and make money, may be they would take an interest. Blondie

  • Hellrider
    And for those of you saying, Heavensgate?,

    Lol, I remember those. They were a UFO-sect and their leader was a bald music-professor, and they killed themselves so that their ...well, whatever new age-word they had for "soul", could get picked up by the mothership (ha ha). Kind of like Star Trek on LSD. It`s just amazing what some people can make themselves believe.

  • Kaput
    It`s just amazing what some people can make themselves believe.

    Yup. Sure is.

  • Chimene

    As much as they have hammered the Catholics, I can't believe they haven't. Shoot, even HBO did a special on Catholic Priests a few years back and it was almost 2 hours long and very detailed.I can't believe no one has done some type of documentary yet ????

  • Outaservice

    Contrary to what you might think or believe, most people in the world don't know too much about the JW's, often confusing them with Mormons or some other group. And, they also don't care much what they believe or do! There are a lot of 'nut case' groups of people and the Witnesses are just another example.

    Many Christian pastors don't worry at all about them and have no interest in talking about them, or exposing them. Just a lot of 'non-interest'!

    I'm kind of sick of them too, and don't think about them much anymore. I still help anyone who asks and wants help, but the rest, leave them to their misery!


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