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  • kid-A

    What is the history of the 1975 prediction? It seems it can trace its origin all the way back to a publication in 1943.

    From my Watchtower antique collection, "The Truth Shall Make You Free", chapter "The Count of Time" 1943 edition, page 152:

    "From Adams Creation to the Flood was 1,656 years

    From the Flood to the Abrahamic covenant was 427 years

    From the Abrahamic Covenant to end of B.C. 1 was 1,945 years

    From Adams Creation to the end of B.C. 1 was 4,028 years

    Thereafter the so-called Anno Domini or A.D. period began. From the beginning of A.D. 1, or Year of the Lord 1, to the beginning of

    A.D. 1944 is 1,943 full years, which, being added to the above table, give the time measurement from Adams creation to date:

    From Adams creation to the end of B.C. 1 was 4,028 years

    From the beginning of A.D. 1 to the end of 1943 is 1,943 years

    From Adams creation to the end of 1943 A.D. is 5,971 years.

    We are therefore near the end of six thousand years of human history, with conditions upon us and tremendous events at hand foreshadowed by those of Noah's day.-Luke 17:26-30.

    So, from my calculations, 1943 plus 29 years to 6000 would be 1972. What number fudging did they do to recalculate that to 1975? Keeping in mind this

    book was published in 1943. Was this the very first published prediction by the WTS suggesting Armageddon would be coming sometime in the 1970s????

    We usually associate this failed prediction with Fred Franz, but this was way before Franz was a major player in WTS theology.

  • Leolaia

    Actually, this was right when Franz started to take over Rutherford's role as the "oracle". Rutherford died in 1942. This was the first major post-Rutherford book, and Franz played an important role in rejuggling the chronology in the Knorr era....

    Do we know who actually authored this book? I wouldn't be surprised if it was Franz...

  • peacefulpete

    Well according to the rumour mill in Bethel, Franz never wrote a book so they gave him his chance late in life with the Prince of Peace book. The other GB were very upset with the book and some were vocal about their disagreements with parts of it. This of course does not mean his influence wasn't significant in earlier books but apparently others at least proofread them before distributing.

  • kid-A

    There is no indication in the book of an author, I think they had already gone anonymous by this point. I dont know if there was gap

    in this 1970 projection field from 1943 until the "Life Everlasting in freedom...." book which I believe clearly stated or pointed to 1975.

    I just cant figure out where those missing 3 years went from 1943 until that publication.

  • moggy lover
    moggy lover

    Actually, j hoover,esq, has been so concerned with the date of Adam's creation that he has given his people SIX seperate dates to mark this event:

    1 "The Time Is At Hand" said it was in 4129 bc pub in 1889. 7 years later, however

    2 "The WT" said it was in 4128 bc Mar 1896 pg 53 This date lasted a whole 47 yrs spanning both the Russell and Rutherford eras. Then in 1943 came:

    3 "The Truth Shall Set You Free" which discovered a 100 yr gap in chronology so the date was readjusted to read 4028 bc - pg 152 [This is the book that you're referring to] However this date lasted for just one year, because:

    4 "The Kingdom Is At Hand" published in 1944, adjusted the date to now read as 4026 bc.[pg 171] To the best of my knowledge the anonymous writer provided no reason for this slight adjustment This date fared slightly better it lasted 9 years because in 1953 came:

    5 "The New Heavens And The New Earth" published in 1953 which said that the date was finally set at 4025 bc [pg 364] Evidently j hoover goofed again because in 1963 came:

    6 "All Scripture Is Inspired" which said that the date was in fact 4026 bc [pg 286] No further official adjustment has yet been made. To the best of my knowledge, this is still regarded as the date for Adam's creation.

    Despite the fact that the date of 4026 bc was published in ' 63 it was'nt till the ' 66 DAs when the "Life Everlasting" book was published that the date hit the R&F like a bombshell. I remember that DA as if it were yesterday. The actual significance for the date of Adam's creation was officially linked to the 7000 th year of creation for the first time!!

    Two years later, another bombshell! At the ' 68 DAs the "Truth" book was released. It was specifically pointed out to us that the book had 26 chapters - and Why?? Because the time was so short that all Bible studies were to be conducted for just 26 weeks [ie 6 months] then either dropped for someone else more deserving or the student had to profess a desire to be baptised

    I can't begin describe the palpable excitement of those heady years.

    And now?? The GB and their minions just don't give a stuff

    well neither do we!!!!


  • greendawn

    Franz had been around for a very long time and he may even have ghost written some of the books ascribed to Rutherford since they exhibit his own characteristic style of writing. Of course he was as worthless theologically as Rutherford and all his writings are gradually being rejected as old light by the current JWs. Rutherford played the 1925 trick and Franz the 1975 trick on the dubs.

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