Prince's new single: Black Sweat.

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  • daniel-p

    This is a review of Prince's new single from his new album, "3121." I thought it was hilarious....

    He's done skeletal before, and in retrospect, "Black Sweat" is almost proto-snap music. But after a decade or so of progressively schlockier soft-focus Midnight Love ballads, this song still registers as a shock: industrial pulse-clank drums, winding German whistle-synths, negative space. Prince works his sinister falsetto hard against the unforgiving rhythm-tide, gasping and cooing and screeching: "I'm hot, and I don't care who knows it," "You'll be screaming like a white lady when I count to three." All the stuff about working up a black sweat reads false; this isn't a club jam, it's a fierce display of otherness. It's harsh and alien, like he's been listening to Mu or some shit. Finally, someone cancelled his subscription to The Watchtower." [Tom Breihan]

  • lonelysheep

    I haven't downloaded it yet to know how it sounds. Will get to it this weekend.

  • fleaman uk
    fleaman uk

    hmmmm well musically speaking hes had his day imo....his appearance on the brits recently was just plain enbarassing...still,thats religion for you.....

  • kristyann


    I mean... come on. Does the Watchtower even take them seriously? I think not. They are probably embarassed of them and consider them a liability. I mean, how can Venus and Serena Williams say they are still JWs when they have so much money and are so successful (looked down upon by the Watchtower, obviously) and with the clothes they wear and everything. I mean, they sit around on Oprah talking about men and fashion, dressed in scant clothes with their boobs hanging out, and they are supposed to be Jehovah's Witnesses? The same kind of stuff goes for Prince, and the Jacksons... I mean, that Rebe (sp?) Jackson sister of Michael's STILL considers herself a JW... and she has posed for all these seductive photos and stuff. And how did Michael get away with all that bizarre behavior and still call himself a JW for so long? I don't get it. The Watchtower must just pretty much try to ignore them as much as possible. I think they are kind of like fringe JWs that no one really bothers with, like my boyfriend's parents. They break all the rules COMPLETELY and BLATANTLY in front of everyone, yet no one confronts them about it. Anyone else find this at all confusing, especially when JWs are normally so rigid and militant?

    Does the Watchtower just ignore them? I wonder if they have ever considered asking people like this to stop calling themselves JWs. Why doesn't someone "disfellowship" them? And why would these stars, like the Williams sisters, even WANT to be associated with that? It's quite obvious that Venus and Serena are spending their time making money and having their own (scanty) clothing lines and playing (oh, no!) sports... so it's also quite obvious they are not spending their time door-knocking or going to book studies. So what is with that?

    Sorry this got off topic... but it reminded me of it!

  • Ellie

    They are probably tolerated so they can be the free face of the watchtower.

  • carla

    free face of the watchtower.-------------But look at the faces promoting it! I saw Serena the other day hawking her lipgloss/necklace and suggesting it for Valentine's Day! Does that sound jw? or is it just me? Prince as a spokesman for the wt? I don't think many people will be able to get past his wild past. Don't know much about him now. Most people think he is a bit 'off' I think on a personal level, even if they like some of his music.

  • kristyann

    Carla... you're right. That reminds me! When the Jacksons were little and the Jackson Five existed, they made a CHRISTMAS album! A CHRISTMAS ALBUM. I mean, I don't know how many times I have heard little Michael and the rest of them singing "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus" or "Santa Claus is Coming To Town" in the stores during the month of December. Yet they ALL still claimed to be hard-core JWs at this point. I mean, they were just kids, and the mom (Katherine) claims to have really had them living a devout JW life.

    I guess they are just like the typical JW... they liked money and wanted it and were willing to sacrifice their "beliefs" to get it. I know some JWs who would take government jobs for the county or town if they could get them, even though they supposedly don't like the government... or JWs who would do paint jobs on "worldly" churches and stuff. Wave some dollars in front of their faces and all of a sudden it's "Jehovah who?" Yet they don't get disfellowshipped for it. Amazing.

  • kazar


    I agree with you 100%. It was the very thing that led to so much confusion when I was a JW that I didn't believe Michael Jackson was a JW. I asked about it of the "mature ones" and still did not get an answer. This double standard eventually led me out of the WT. Still I wonder how can they get away with it and the rank and file cannot.

    I don't understand how Prince can call himself a JW with his eccentric lifestyle..

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