The JWD Awards 2006

by slugga 8 Replies latest jw friends

  • slugga

    After Clem, because this deserves its own thread...

    Most Times Disfellowshipped

    Fastest Disfellowshipping ( I think there's a new guy here who got 2 months between dipping and d'fing.)

    Most disruptive person at a Memorial Most Evil Elder 2006

    Anyone got any other catagories and candiadates for them.


  • kid-A

    Best Troll on an apostate message board: PMJ

    Best supporting Troll: Ezra

    Best Active JW in Denial: Def D

    Best Alien Conspiracy Loonie: Franz

    Best Fundamentalist Fanatic: Uncle Rex

    Best 607 Conspiracy Loonie: Schizm

    Now where are we going to have the awards ceremony???

  • slugga

    Its at unclebruces, the beers on him.

  • DannyHaszard

    Most Militant apostate-Danny Haszard

  • unclebruce

    Yep, plenty of room at my place..

    Best Complection: jojo

    Best Wine Merchant: ozzie

    Most flexable poster: gumby

    Best pilot: Mustang

    Best female/Male impersonator: think

    Best Borg hater: sKallywagger

    Hairiest chest (/acre): joel

    Best bucket: slugga

  • stillajwexelder

    best 1914/607 apologist --- Scholar

  • Clam

    Strangest thread title - Who was your favourite sexual fantasy in Bonanza? (by Joelbear)

    Worst grammar and spelling - PMJ - This special award would be presented by someone from the D.N.A. ( National Dyslexia Association )

  • unclebruce

    Best boobs: stillajwexelder

    Most Scholarly Apostate Research:

    Most Christian Apologist/Biblenut/Jesusfreak:

    Note: Scholar swims at the shallow end of the pool and isn't worth the effort to rebuff - not ain't a patch on happy Larry Bibleman the highly intelligent, prolific, black, crossdressing, messiah of days gone by (oh how standards are slipping)

  • stillajwexelder

    Most Scholarly Research: Leolaia , AlanF and Farkel, Blondie

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