Hospital witnesses new gift to surgical theatres

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    Hospital witnesses new gift to surgical theatres PATIENTS at Pilgrim Hospital will soon be able to benefit from a new piece of equipment donated by the Jehovah's Witnesses. The machine will be used during operations such as hip replacements and Caesarean deliveries, as well as major vascular surgery. Blood will be pumped out of the patient and 'cleaned' before being returned to the body. The machines normally cost £17,000, but the Jehovah's Witnesses have organised a national scheme to provide several such pieces of equipment to hospitals around the country. Paul Haigh, a project leader at the hospital, said: "There are many advantages to using this machine.
    "For example, there is less chance of the patient having a bad reaction because we're not introducing foreign blood and it will ease the pressure on the blood banks." Theatre manager Christine Holiday added: "We're slowly running out of blood, and as you could never get a 100 per cent match with blood from the bank, this method eliminates the problem – and there is obviously also less chance of infection."

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    It's a Haemonetics Cell Saver 5. Commonly used for Intraoperative Autotransfusion, Preoperative Plasma and Platelet Sequestration, and Perioperative Platelet Sequestration.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are permitted the first form of autologous transfusion.

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