A belief That's Truth?

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  • collegegirl21

    Okay, after being in my psychology class today, I have been thinking. Although it might not be of importance to you, but what do you think will happen to us? I guess this is just my confusion. I guess I'm not sure what to think now. What happens when we die? What happens now? I know everyone will have their own opinion, but its hard not being told the "truth" so to speak. Although I have never believed in the "truth." I have always doubted it and sort of done my own thing behind my parents back. I mean I have the knowledge from the literature and kindgom hall for what they say. But I dont know what I say. Would you please share your beliefs with me or opinion on this sort of topic? Thank you!

  • poppers

    No belief is the "truth", it can't be because it's only a belief. You asked, "what happens now?" Now, that's a question worth pursuing. See what's happening right this very moment without any beliefs applied to what's seen. All beliefs are of the past, but right now this very moment is free of the past, so why contaminate it by slapping a belief on it? Right now this very moment is all you'll ever have - the past and the future are mental creations only. Live your life fully present to what's happening now and you will have no need of any beliefs whatsoever. Then, whatever "truth" is, can reveal itself.

  • lilybird

    I really don't think anyone has the answers to what is "the truth". No one really knows what happens when we die..where we go or why we die..It all speculation and really based on a book called the Bible written by a bunch of men who may or may not be god-inspired, I think it up to each one of us to research and decide what is the best belief for us individuality. I don't really think there is a right or wrong answer.... The only way we will know is one day we will eventually pass from this life. Guess then you find out.. 1: you are gone for good and you should have made the most of this life when you had the chance....2: there is a god and you are happily co-habitating with god and Jesus in heaven...I don't personally believe in God .. but I do believe we live on in some spirit form after death.... Just my belief

  • BluesBrother
    what do you think will happen to us?

    I only know that mankind has proved hopelessly inept at fortelling the future. I know that religions have been gloriously wrong when they try to say what will happen next, and religious leaders cannot agree on how to understand their owm 'Holy books'.

    So what chance do the rest of us have? I say to live well, plan your life based on what you can see is the expectation for mankind , and enjoy it !! Life only comes once..

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