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  • jambon1

    After reading a few posts refering to Malawi/Mexico, I would like to know what all this was about. I'm new here.

    Any links or reading material which explains what happened?



  • carla

    You really should get a copy of 'Crisis of Conscience' by Ray Franz. It explains the whole thing. Or somebody got a link for that issue?

  • badboy

    The Danda regime make it conpulsomery(sp?)to have a card,but jws refused so there were violence.

    In Mexico,they brided officials so they could avoid military service.

  • Mastodon

    Basically, while the Governing Body (GB) denied the brothers in Malawi to purchase a .25¢ card for political party (they didn't have to vote, just buy the card), because that would violate their 'christian neutrality"®. Meanwhile in Mexico the GB allowed brothers to bribe military officials into giving them military service cards, which were required by law, meaning that they had 'served' in the military, even though possesing that card placed the brothers in the first reserve for the Mexican military. The GB said that the Mexico situation was a 'matter of conscience"®, meanwhile in Malawi, brothers and sisters were being exiled, beaten, maimed, tortured and raped because the GB prohibited them to buy a miserable political card.
    That's the gist of it. Welcome to the board!

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Here are two links

    Mexico/Malawi $$$$$?

    Reasonings on Malawi/Mexico Fiasco

    Sadly it comes down to money as the links will show you. Read through them because most of the real info comes from the posts others make

  • AlmostAtheist

    One of the sicker moments in Watchtower history. Brothers on one end of the earth being killed for obeying the Watchtower's command to "stand up for neutrality" while brothers on the other end of the earth being told it's ok to bribe their way out of difficulties related to participating in the military.

    I called Brooklyn about this issue once. The guy told me he wouldn't discuss it over the phone and that I should write a letter. But after a little prodding he told me they were two separate issues. I prompted, "One was about violating christian neutrality, and the other was just about breaking the law?" He quickly said, "Yes," but then started hemming and hawing around.

    One of the many JW techniques for dealing with contradictions in their beliefs is to draw distinctions between the contradictory things. For instance, ask one why they forbid birthdays, but allow baby showers. Both are celebrating a birth. They will give you a hundred reasons that they are completely different. The guy from Watchtower tried to do that with the Mexico/Malawi bit.

    But in fairness, I never wrote the letter. And never will. This pig doesn't need anymore lipstick.


  • Clam

    Jambon - yes get Crisis of Conscience as recommended. It covers these topics very nicely with supporting evidence in the shape of WTS correspondence, although Mastodon has done a very good job in summarising.

    It's only about the GB's double standards and ineptness, that's all.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    WT hypocrisy at its finest

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