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  • I-CH-TH-U-S

    i was just doing some recent observation of the youth group that im a leader at and i notice that there is this thing where we dont kick people out of youth group or really church for that matter....on the other hand is the JW where you sorta of make a minor infraction and your out the door.

    so the question is...where do you draw the line?

    i have kids at the YG who are disruptive and dont really pay attention when you talk to them but thats about it. then there are kids who are just dissing each other talking about each others mom and stuff. then there are kids who are KNOWN for drug dealing....but dont deal anything at YG....where is the line? and the good old (WWJD) what would jesus do?

    thoughts? meaningful insights? biblical references?

  • peacefulpete

    Any organization has a right to limit membership. Rules of order at public gatherings are important (but not ALL important). It is when these rules become intrusive into personal lives or when the organization uses punative measures causing personal harm that the organization has become abusive.

  • unique1

    If it were me I would stop the ones who are distracting others with their behavior, because it is rude no matter who you are. As for the ones that deal drugs and other bad things, they don't do it at youth group. That shows you something. They respect you and God enough not to do it there. It is a beginning. It shows they have a conscience, a good side. Sometimes all a kid needs is support. Jesus would have used illustrations to help them see the error of their ways away from the YG. I would give an example but I have always been HORRIBLE at illustrations.

  • wombat

    ICH- etc.

    Nothing to do with religion. You just be the man and keep the little buggers in line.

    Don't take any crap. Maybe many of them don't have a strong father figure.

    From how you write there's a lot of love in you. Follow your intuition.

    (Rather you than me).....Wombat

  • I-CH-TH-U-S

    well thank you wombat. thats nice to hear.

    and i think you guys are right. its not that i really have a problem keeping them in line, cause when i say to them "stop and pay attention" they do, but then 5 min later....its not like the leadership group is really thinking of kicking anyone one out. but the team has come up with a "contract" where they sign it and their parents sign it. the contract talks about the church is a place to build each other up and not put each other down. a place a safety. and most importantly a place to connect with God. now those are the basic rules. and if they dont abide by them then we sit them down and say "look this is what you did, this is what the consequence will be". maybe they have to go home from YG that night or maybe they have to do an apology in front of everyone at YG (like 40 of their peers). something like that.

    any thoughts?

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