Aussie receives citation for asking for quiet in a Texas theatre.

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  • daystar

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    I'm quite embarassed that this happened in my home state. But these fruitcakes are all over the place.

  • IP_SEC

    What stupidity!

    just outside Houston.

    Maybe it was a dadgum losieannian? Not a texan?

  • daystar

    Yeah, that's it! Let's blame it on the cajuns! Oooweee!!


    I feel sure that she won't have to pay that much in fines...however, this should put everyone on alert that you can't TOUCH another person!!! It's like crosssing a can say anything but don't touch! This is considered aggressive behavior...she should have gone and reported it to an attendant.


  • Elsewhere

    This is precisely why I LOVE to escalate situations like this by contacting the authorities instead of touching someone.

    People like "Hot Head Big Mamma" go absolutely NUTS when you use force via authority. Big Mamma doesn't know any way other than physical and verbal confrontations, so when you use other methods it pisses them of.

  • undercover

    Well, if we were allowed to shoot people who use their damn cell phones when they're not supposed to, none of this would ever happen.

  • daystar


    It's like crosssing a can say anything but don't touch! This is considered aggressive behavior

    What?! Since when is tapping someone on the shoulder aggressive behavior?

    People need to grow some spines.

  • cyd0099

    auugh! This is so stupid.

    I wouldn't own a cell phone if I didn't manage properties. I hate the dang things and this is a prime example of why.

    I bet the conversation in the moviehouse went somethinglike ths;
    "hello? Nothin'... watchin' a movie. What you doin'?"

    Cyd of the "What the heck happened to manners?" class

  • cyd0099


  • greendawn

    When you are in another country you may not be aware of certain silly rules, I think the judge will allow for that since it was also the other woman's fault. They should have thrown her out for being so selfish, she could have walked out to carry on talking on her phone without disturbing any one.

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