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  • startingover

    I watched "The Island" last night with my lyal JW wife. My apostate buddy told me there were a lot of similarities in the movie with figuring out the JW scam. I think that's an understatement.

    What stuck out to me is how Lincoln (the clone) returned to help out his friends. That really depicts how I feel. After I discovered the moth, escaped and figured the whole thing out, I found myself wanting to help my friends see what I see. When the guy told Lincoln that he could have just gone on an never looked back but didn't, it really struck me that is how I feel about the situation, I feel the need to go back and at least try to help them see what's going on.

    My wife tells me I just need to go on with my life, if I don't want to be a JW, then don't be, but leave her alone. In an attempt to help her understand how I feel, I think I will have to draw her attention to the similarities in the movie. I find it so interesting how different people react to the same situation. When I found the moth, I had to dig deeper. My wife knows about the moth, and knows there is something up the ladder, but she will not go there. She likes her present comfortable position and gets upset if I even remind her of the moth.

    Anyone else like the movie?

  • ICBehindtheCurtain

    I loved it, and yes there were a bunch of similarities to JWdom. The wonderful idea of the beautiful Island they could go to if they got picked, is like the carrot that always gets dangled so JW's can do more for the Borg. I would also recommend you watch "The Village" with your wife it also has many similarities to the way the GB try to demonize the world and anything in it and the control they try to exert in the faithfull. I know how you can relate to Lincoln wanting to go back and rescue the others, I feel the same way and am proud to say that my husband and I have successfully helped 11 people see the light about this cult, we are faders so hopefully that number will increase. Keep on fighting the good fight to share the truth about "The Truth" and freeing minds, Good Luck!


  • startingover


    I already watched "The Village" with my wife. That was an interesting experience. I had mentioned I wanted to see it, actually because someone here had recommended it. So she brought it home one night. Well, there happened to be some JW's at our house visiting her and she invited them to watch it. I never said a word about it, but about half way through they started saying "What is this? Who recommended this?" I knew how it would end so I said nothing. There was not too many comments at the end, I think they realized what had just taken place and I'm fairly sure they made the connection, at least my wife did.

    About getting people out, I have been much more successful in that than I ever was bringing them in and I am very proud of it. Being a successful fader helps for sure. When you stop and consider it, being someone who notices the moth and starts thinking about it and then acts upon it, you are a rare individual.

  • theinfamousone

    i liked it quite a bit too.... except my fave actor had about 3 minutes in the movie, mind you, they were the three most intense minutes ever, still Michael Clark Duncan does not get the respect he deserves as an actor.... but thats beside the point!

    i agree, it does have alot of similarities with the J-Dubs.... you know the whole, there is nothing else, and that one day well be taken magically to the island............. i mean paradise!!! geezus... theres nmore to it than that, and yeah i agree, it sucks to see ur friends still folowing blindly while you want to go save them.. the sad part is though, we can only help those who want to be helped right?

    the infamous one

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