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    Instead of wasting half your waking life on anti-JW websites, this is what you need to do:

    If you are not disfellowshipped or d'ad, periodically visit local congregations (eg, once a month visit a different congo). After the meeting is over, make sure you get chatting to someone that might know you or who might approach you, preferably not an elder or MS, but rather someone that you know is a little bit 'on the fringe' of the organisation. Let them know that you havn't been active for a while because you feel stumbled and concerned about some things you've learned recently. When they ask you what has stumbled you, pull out a copy of the official letter on the UN's DPI website re the Watchtower NGO affair, and also give them a copy of the webpage that shows that 1991 Awake article posted upon the UN's website. If they ask you found out about it, tell a little white lie and say that because the Society mention the UN so much in the Awake you decided to browse the UN's website one evening and stumbled across it, or you could just say that you did a 'Google Search' on 'Watchtower Society and United Nations'. To reassure them that you are not some raving apostate infiltrating the congregation, tell them that you sincerely feel stumbled about it and that the elders were unable to offer any reasonable explanation, that we should just 'trust in Jehovah' and the Society. Tell them you found out a few other scandalous things too but it's best not to talk about them because you don't want to be seen as a trouble-maker or anything, which should put their minds at ease about you. Just use your imagine on how to play psychological 'brinkmanship' with them.

    There, you have planted a seed of 'doubt' in that persons mind. Now move on to the next congregation and keep doing this around your circuit, visiting a difference congregation once a fortnite or once a month. Just keep doing this with each congregation you visit. You will not be 'in their face' enough to cause any ruction, disappearing at leaving your little seed of doubt, only to reappear a few months later to do the same with someone else. Like a kind of spiritual guerilla warfare. See how long you can get away with it.

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    can you link to it in UN? Oh and can i add, coming here is not in an attempt to pull apart the JW faith, i have new friends here and judging by the membership, many things attract folks.

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  • yaddayadda

    You can try mentioning something else that will sow a little seed of doubt in their mind if you are uncomfortable about handing out stuff to them. For example, when they ask you how come they don't see you much anymore at the meetings, you could just say you did a bit of 'personal study' on the disfellowshipping policy and discovered that the extreme shunning practised in the org is actually unscriptural. Tell them you are stumbled. This arouses their sympathy and obviates feelings of hostility that you may just be a slack-ass or leaning towards apostacy. Or you could just point out a few anomalies, contradictions etc regarding the idea that Jesus has been reigning as King since 1914. Or ask them why the Society interprets a certain scripture this way when it clearly means something else. Use your imagination, just make it water-tight.

    Going to the occasional meeting and sowing carefully worded doubts in the minds of a view is the only real way to get through to them. That's why disassociating yourself is counter-productive when it comes to actually helping JW's to learn the truth about various aspects of the religion. It's better to retain the opportunity to still talk to them should you ever meet, either informally or by still attending the occasional meeting. Let's face it: 99.9% of them just don't surf the net for JW related stuff and if they happen to find something 'negative' on a website about JW's they will quickly leave the site. Bombing them with blogs and websites such as this, etc, is pretty much a waste of time to seriously dent publisher numbers because these kinds of websites are mainly just an internal system of confirmation for those who have already left the organisation and enjoy the continuous reinforcement & feedback that they have made the right decision.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Not a bad idea, YYY.

    I think if you live in a large city or area with many congregations, you could do this even if you are disfellowshipped or Da'd. Just go places where they don't know you, or even on vacations. The downside is that many just don't want to ever see the inside of a KH again, so to them it not viable. But I have thought often that your approach would work well. In the UN matter - why not just plant this seed - "I went to the official website of the UN, and I did a search there for "Watchtower". I won't tell you here what I found, but if you get a chance to do that you would be amazed at what is there." Leave it at that. Let 'curiousity kill the cat'.


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