"Walk Again" drug test

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  • metatron



    hope the link works - this involves a drug that has allowed rats to regain spinal cord growth after severing. Could be very big.


  • unclebruce

    Interesting stuff metatron,

    Let's hope it works on humans.

    unc who was side tracked by the article on the daddy of all flesh eating dinosaurs -

    After measuring their sizes, he estimates that the 99-centimetre-long snout came from a skull 1.75 metres long. From what we know of the body shapes of other spinosaurs, Dal Sasso calculates that the new Spinosaurus was 17 metres long and weighed 7 to 9 tonnes (Journal of Vertebrate Paleontology, vol 14, p 888).

    thank Jehovah for the flood!

  • gumby

    Just look at the hungry man eating bastard will ya! I gotta a pump up pellet gun that would scare the bastard off

  • unclebruce

    Jeezus Gumby!!! I thought the bugga died out in the flood - 50 feet long and 8 tons of attitude .. I'd better load me spudgun with a geli stick and send one up 'is arse

    ps: where'd ya git the cigar?

  • Mary

    Is this your pistol Gumbastard? Ya, that'd scare the bejesuz outta that man eating dino........

  • Gerard

    This article makes no biological sense to me. When an antibody binds, it attaches itself so that a white cell recognized the complex as an intruder, in other words: an antibody targets cells for destruction. Assuming the targeted cells are not destroyed, their cell surface are -at least- blocked from any interaction and likely any growth.

    I'd have guessed that growth factors or any other cell regulator would promote neuron regeneration, not an antibody. G o figure...

  • Gerard

    I got it now: Nogo-A exerts a growth inhibitory function leading to restricted axonal (neuron) regeneration. Anti-Nogo-A antibodies seem to stop Nogo's growth inhibition, allowing the axons (neuron) to grow and re-establish synapsis or connections.


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