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  • cyd0099

    Really quick,

    My g/f and I took a day trip back to the 'Land Where I Once Was a Dub'

    I showed her where I lived and worked. My old red farmhouse has fallen into abandonment. Boarded up, broken, and overgrown. Sad, really.

    I could see into the old barn through some slats. Hanging on a hook was my old broken road bike where I left it eighteen years ago. it was unridable when I moved out and now it is purely trash but I felt the strongest urge to kick in a part of the wall of the barn, grab it and run.

    It was my bike, my baby, my oasis. I would ride in my late teens and early twenties because even though I had the Truthâ„¢, I had nothing, really. It was miles into the countryside where I felt at peace. racing down a winding country road in full tuck, sometimes exceding the posting speed limit, gave me clarity and focus and an exhileration like nothing else.

    In my head, it was intimate proof I was there, I lived, I worked, I went to meetings and I someday I would walk away from it all to re-invent myself.

    Now my head is racing, I'm a little freaked out,and I cannot sleep.

  • Kaput
    Now my head is racing, I'm a little freaked out,and I cannot sleep.

    Here. Count these...... .........

  • Fatfreek

    What a wonderful set of expressions all packed with the emotions that only can be experienced in the exodus process. I felt your pain.
    Thanks for sharing.

  • cyd0099

    It's why I like this board. It's so hard to explain to somebody (like my girlfriend) who hasn't been there.

    Not that she wouldn't have empathy, but there's been nothing like this in her experience.

  • atypical

    I know the feeling, man. I moved back into the neighborhood I grew up in. It is very strange to try to rationalize my memories of bliss and ignorance with my present situation. But I really think it is better to let yourself see and feel than to ignore your past.

  • cyd0099

    So true. I may have been wierded out by my own personal archeology, but I've moved on. I've left behind the loneliness, the misery, I've had my vistas laid out before me and my choice of which path to take are many.

    here's to growing too big for the WTS cage!

  • Poztate
    Here. Count these...... .........

    Hmmm...That doesn't look right. Aren't we supposed to count Goats now instead..

  • KW13

    Its amazing how something small can signify so much!

    Thanks for sharing.

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